What Do You Expect?

There is nothing more invigorating than the beginning of a new year, it always signals a time for new opportunities. We set our ‘resolutions’, write down our personal and professional goals and develop our marketing plan for our business. We have great expectations that ‘this is the year’!
It is now the 3rd month of the ‘new’ year, the last month of the 1st quarter – where are you with those expectations for your business?crossing the finish line
It’s time to take a look at your actions. Do you actually have a written plan of action? Today, more than ever, there are a number of opportunities for any business to take advantage of, especially when it comes to marketing. Particularly the Internet; believe it or not, it is still in its infancy, especially social networks!
You may be on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or one of the other top social media platforms, but are you working these platforms to expand your business and revenue? Is your audience, the prospects you would like to do business with, on the same networks as you? If you continue to do what you’ve been doing on social media are you expecting something different to happen? Don’t be too alarmed, you are in the norm; a good number of businesses do not understand what it is they are supposed to be doing, they set up their social network sites, they post, they follow, but they lose interest because of the time it takes to manage their social media platforms.
Well, if you expect to cross the finish line and make ‘this the year’, it’s time to change your expectations of social media and get out of the mix of the norm; it’s time to put your social media action plan together and work the plan for your success in 2015!
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Cheri Martin
Social Media Specialist
 WCN Interactive, Inc.