NETWORKING – The MOST Effective Way to Grow Your Business – When You Know How


As a businessperson, introducing yourself is your first moment to make an impression on a potential customer whether that is shaking hands or standing up and giving your 60 Second introduction. What is amazing is that in the first 3 seconds of your first encounter, your potential customer will have evaluated you based on your demeanor, appearance, body language and how you engaged with them. First impressions are almost impossible to undo.

Knowing that, you can see that how we interact and present ourselves out networking is crucial to whether at the end of a meeting we bring home a bunch of business cards or confirmed appointments. We all think we should networkingwords-eeeknow how to do this networking thing.  After all we were taught as a child how to shake hands, be polite and to make conversation.  But when we think that networking is about “getting business,” we approach a networking group with a whole different perspective.

You may have had it happen to you like it happened to me this week when I was out networking. I was having a delightful conversation with a person I had just meet. We were going back and forth learning about each other and seeing if and how we could be of service to each other. Suddenly out of nowhere, a women shoved her business cards between us and said, “I don’t mean to interrupt (really?) but I wanted to give you my card and tell you I am having an event next week.

In her desire to create more business, the impression she gave is one of desperation and that she is scared she won’t make it. Without taking the time to make a connection, to engage, to find out all about the other person and whether what you have to offer is even a relevant solution to other person’s problem, there is no point in giving your business card to anyone.  Instead, save your business card for people with whom you have genuinely connected and discovered that, in fact, you do have a way to solve their problem.

Although we wish we were all born knowing how to genuinely connect, for most of us it is a learned skill. To be authentic in how we engage with people, we need to feel confident and secure in who we are and how to describe what we have to offer. We need to know what questions to ask, what body language to use, how to actively listen, and ask for the appointment.

Logo Top Leaders J & MOne of the reasons Jeff Shick and I co-founded Top Leaders Sales and Leadership Academy is to help entrepreneurs, business owners, sales teams, agents to develop those connecting skills so that you can have a great return on their investment (ROI) on their time out networking and grow their business exponentially.

March 18th join us at Connect Collaborate Ka-Ching Turn Prospects into Clients and Clients into Referrals.  It is a workshop to double your confidence and to learn how to walk out of a networking meeting with appointments rather than just business cards, make your 60 Second Intro a sales magnet. Know how to overcome objections, move into a smooth close, consistently follow up, and be energized and excited about each day confident you got what it takes to succeed.

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