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Protecting Devices Against Meltdown/Spectre Flaws

In an effort to speed up processing, Intel, Qualcom, and other CPU manufacturers designed their processors to make processing faster. Unfortunately this speed, which meant taking some steps that made sense in the design stage, has now proven to leave security weaknesses. The Meltdown and Spectre processor security flaws, which
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They may claim that they are from Microsoft or Windows but they aren’t.

WARNING!!! DANGER!!! If see any pop-ups on your computer similar to the ones illustrated here, whatever you do… DO NOT CALL THAT PHONE NUMBER!!! They may claim that they are from Microsoft or Windows but they aren’t. These are very prevalent malware scams designed to gain access to your computer
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How to embrace digital organizational tools

When internet usage switched from mere fad to fully functional, few people may have imagined just how profound — and mobile — it would become. While electronic use was largely stationary as recently as a few years ago, it’s now second nature for users to send and receive information on
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Tips for Hiding From Your ISP

In light of the recent Internet privacy legislation, will using a VPN keep your ISP from tracking what you do online? The recent bill passed by both houses of Congress will essentially overturn a rule passed by the previous FCC chairman that would have required Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to
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Understanding The Need – Website Sales

“Obstacles are necessary for success because in selling, as in all careers of importance, victory comes only after many struggles and countless defeats.” –Og Mandino Selling is tough. Its super tough regardless of what people tell you. Everyone is a sales man. Friends are selling there ideas you. You are
Posted on June 7, 2017
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Are Online Backup Services Safe?

  With all the stories about government agencies and large corporations getting hacked, it’s easy to understand why there are concerns with ‘cloud-based’ backup services. If these big guys can’t stop the hackers, how safe is your data in the hands of a small commercial entity?  Random acts of hacking
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How Proactive IT Services Can Help Improve Your Business’ Security

    If 2014 was “The Year of the Breach,” with a whopping 43% of North American firms telling the Ponemon Institute that they experienced a hack in 2014, then what lies ahead in 2015 for technology and security? Tech Crunch described our current state of awareness as “a tipping