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One of the challenges for many solopreneurs, people who run their own businesses and work as a sole provider, especially coaches, consultants, and service providers, is that everything in the
Like a Launch at Kennedy Space Center, we’re on a countdown. We’re counting down to 2023, which is only 31 days away as of December 1, 2022. What are your
“A lot of human marriages are very unhappy. Compared to a bad marriage, a robot will be better than a human”, says Adrian Cheok, a professor of computing at City
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The advent of high-speed Internet has given birth to an array of remote home-based gigs. These gigs are ideal for students, stay at home parents, and even retirees. While setting
Love it or hate it, email appears to be here to stay, and for many small business owners, it is a key form of communication between them and their customers.
Tech for Incarcerated – Better Rehabilitation and Low Recidivism Per the Bureau of Justice Statistics, about 95% of 2.2 million incarcerated would eventually be released. The societal expectation is that
  Accountability is an essential factor in an exceptional, high-functioning workplace. It is very important to build a team that fosters workplace accountability since accountability will be reflected in the
Whether you’re creating a side-hustle for extra money or building a full-time business, many people start by joining the Gig economy because it can be one of the fastest ways
Every entrepreneur knows that social media marketing is the place to crush it and get more customers. But it is changing, social media site owners are pushing businesses to spend
As a business owner, if you could spend just a few hours a week to increase your business’s recognition, traffic, and sales with little to no cost, would you do
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UNVEILING the debut of Shapes Precision Manufacturing’s capability-laden website, this Space Coast aviation, marine, medical, and space-industry powerhouse ushers in 2022 with an increase in online viewability. With over four
3 Marketing Tips for 2022 It’s no secret 2021 was a tough year for many businesses throughout the country.  However, there certainly is a silver lining – businesses had to adapt
One of the most effective ways for a business to gain exposure, especially in a local market, is having a properly built website.  Having a website is great, but just like
Chartered in 1997, Marine Bank will soon be celebrating 25 years of helping local residents achieve the dream of home ownership, assisting business owners in growing their business, and supporting
by Jeff Lindstrom, ECHO Digital Solutions Marketing your brand, product, or service can often require a sizable financial investment.  Because of this, it’s important to make sure you set yourself
Seemingly everyone on social media considers themselves an “influencer” these days.  In fact, many people claiming to be influencers sell sponsored posts to businesses to promote products and brands.  This
Day of the Interview Preferred positions are highly sought after, with multiple job seekers for one position. Here are some things you can do on the day of the interview
Social media is a great way to reach millions of people worldwide. Over the last several years, having a cohesive social media strategy has become an important part of your
Times may be turbulent, but your future financial security doesn’t have to be. I can work with you to build a strategy that helps you protect what matters most. Built
When preparing to apply for a job, I want you to consider three key items: Resume, Qualifications, and Interest. If you can master these three things, you will have a
  Properly managing your reviews online is critical for businesses. It may seem obvious as to why it’s important to have positive reviews online, but only 19% of small businesses
Credit plays a vital role in helping people realize their personal and financial goals. A good credit score can help people qualify for favorable home loan terms, ultimately paving the
By Foy Staley, Director of Business Development & Soft Skills Training for HR Office Savers, Inc. For many of us, our parents and teachers instilled certain core values when we were
What is transitions coaching and how does coaching benefit you personally and professionally? It is not unusual to regularly feel as if you keep repeating patterns, having the same work
by, Alan Bernstein, President HR Office Savers   January is historically the beginning of job search season which lasts until spring break. Here are some tips for accelerating your job
By Foy Staley, Director of Business Development & Soft Skills Training Finally, you are getting some calls for interviews. You ask yourself, “What will make me stand-out from the others?”
by, Alan Bernstein, President HR Office Savers   Once you have a compelling resume, you need to apply to jobs that are relevant and for which you are qualified. But
by Jessica Carraro / HR Office Savers Many companies receive thousands of job applications and not every resume can be reviewed. Some companies use applicant tracking systems to scan resumes
Brevard Adult Education wants to hear from you! We’re growing our Lifelong Learning Class offerings and we want to know what YOU want to see offered. Please take a couple
A Central Florida company is excited to announce the launch of their new product, an Acrylic Wheelchair/Rollator Protection Barrier.  Designed with nursing home, rehab and assisted living patients in mind
During a recent job search training, one of my students asked: “What is the one thing I should never say or do in an interview?” My initial response was “There
  ECHO Digital Solutions is a full service, Space Coast based digital marketing company that tailors effective strategies for business.  They work with businesses of all types, sizes, and budgets. 
Brevard Adult and Community Education is excited to welcome its new Director, Ms. Lorri Benjamin. We’re looking forward to an awesome year! Letter from Director: “I am pleased to be
by, Alan Bernstein, President HR Office Savers I spend considerable time reviewing resumes and qualifying candidates for open positions on behalf of my clients. Here are some tips to help
by, Alan Bernstein, President HR Office Savers   If you are a manager of people, you will inevitably be faced with the hard decision of what to do when it
Melbourne, FL [June 7, 2020] –The United States Chamber of Commerce, at its board meeting last week, awarded the Melbourne Regional Chamber with 5-Star Accreditation once again for its sound
by, Alan Bernstein, President HR Office Savers I speak with many small business owners who are unfamiliar with the basics of human resource compliance. Failing to meet your minimum workplace
by Kim Shiver, M.Ed, Speaker, Communications Strategist   As we sheltered-in-place over the past months, many people found time to consume new content. Aside from binging Netflix and checking the
by Kim Shiver, M.Ed, Speaker, Communications Strategist   If you’re like most of the US, the current situation of Coronavirus, shelter in place and changes in business have likely affected
by, Alan Bernstein, President HR Office Savers (321)831-5995   In the event of an emergency such as a weather disaster or pandemic, you may allow or require employees to temporarily
by Kim Shiver, M.Ed, Speaker, Communications Strategist   If you look online for remote work opportunities, you may see ads promising you big money working from home with little or
by Alan Bernstein, SHRM-SCP – HR Office Savers As I write this month’s article, we are in the midst of many unknowns regarding COVID-19. Specific to the area of employment and
If you experienced damage to your home you should take the necessary action to protect the property from further damage and start the process of filing a claim to repair
by Alan Bernstein, SHRM-SCP – HR Office Savers Last month we talked about standard interview questions you can expect during the interview. This month I want to give you some
Melbourne Regional Chamber Promotes Richey Melbourne, FL [February 6, 2020] – Melbourne Regional Chamber is pleased to announce the promotion of Meg Richey to Executive Vice President. Richey has been
by Kim Shiver, M.Ed, Speaker, Communications Strategist The first month in 2020 is gone. Where are you with your goals, resolutions, and productivity? Are you getting done each day and
by Alan Bernstein, SHRM-SCP – HR Office Savers Last month we talked about preparing for the interview day—be on time, communicate professionally, and be ready to take notes. Today I
  Monthly budgets help people make the most of their money. While a person’s income will affect how much they can spend on housing, food and clothing each month, another,
Google’s suite of productivity tools is estimated to have over 1.5 billion users, with Gmail and Google Calendar being the most popular tools.  A convenience feature within these tools was
by Alan Bernstein, SHRM-SCP In previous articles I shared how to write a compelling resume and how to get that resume in front of employers. Now I want to give you
by Alan Bernstein, SHRM-SCP – HR Office Savers My previous two articles talked about writing a compelling resume. For a resume to be compelling, it must be accurate, visually appealing,
by Kim Shiver, M.Ed, Speaker, Communications Strategist Summer is coming to an end, and students are heading go back to school. It’s also a time where small business owners and
by Financial Professional: Erin Long Don’t you just love tax season? No? Me neither. Like most of my clients, you probably recognize the necessity of taxes, but you don’t want
by Alan Bernstein, SHRM-SCP – HR Office Savers Last month I shared with you the “big picture” of writing a compelling resume. In order for a resume to be compelling,
by Kim Shiver, M.Ed, Speaker, Communications Strategist   What if you could use your strengths, build on them, and focus them in a way that would make you more successful?
by Alan Bernstein, SHRM-SCP – HR Office Savers I hear from people regularly who are struggling with their job search. Some of you have been looking for months with no
by: Kim Shivler, M.Ed. One of the most common platitudes thrown around when it comes to selling is: “People buy from those they Know, Like, and Trust.” This is possibly the