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Discipline achieves what Talent cannot. Constancy and Perseverance to reach the goal I have heard multiple conversations about success, not to mention the number of books, conferences, and videos about it. Many people teach about different techniques and products, and it seems like that it has already been invented. So why aren’t all people “successful”? The first thing I should say is that the definition of happiness and success is as variable and has many
National Women’s Health Week is a great time to take action to support women and help them achieve the best health possible.  This year, women need to strive to focus on their mental and physical health for a healthier future together.  A great place to start? Arming yourself with knowledge from reliable sources such as the Foundation for Women’s Cancer, American Heart Association, Preeclampsia Foundation, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There are two great women’s

April 2024

Posted by SpotlightBryan on  April 30, 2024
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April 2024 
“As my Grandma used to say…” Popular sayings are very special from all cultures. Everything I learned during my youth was based on sayings that my mother told me, which, in turn, she learned from her mother and past generations. When she had to remind me to “be good,” she told me: “Don’t do something good that seems bad.” That phrase was like advanced philosophy to me, but it stayed in my memory forever. Today,
On April 6th, Rock Steady Boxing at Advance Fitness / Melbourne will host a Family Fun Day and Pickleball Tournament at Jimmy Moore Park from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. There will be all kinds of family fun activities, including basket raffles, 50/50 raffles, Firehouse tours, face painting, and more. Please click on our advertisement for more information.   ABOUT: PARKINSON’S EXERCISES IN MELBOURNE Established in 2006, ROCK STEADY BOXING helps people with Parkinson’s enhance