Why Social Media Marketing is Important for your Business by Jeff Lindstrom, ECHO Digital Solutions

Social media is a great way to reach millions of people worldwide. Over the last several
years, having a cohesive social media strategy has become an important part of your
brand’s larger digital marketing strategy. Read on to learn more about how social media
can impact your business.

Improving Brand Awareness
Developing a social media strategy will help you increase brand and business
recognition with your target customers. By being properly represented on the platforms
most widely used by your target audience, you’ll have a much better chance of being
discovered. By posting great content that resonates with your audience, and spending
a little money on ads to get your posts out there, you’re on your way to building a loyal
following that will look for your next post.
Cost Effective Option
Signing up and creating an account is free for most social platforms. Although you can
spend money to advertise on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can
begin building your audience with a relatively small budget. When compared with
certain types of traditional marketing, the long term ROI social media can provide
makes much more sense. Paid advertising on social media platforms can also be
extremely cost-effective because of the ability to target specific people. Start small and
see what works. A little time and money goes a long way.
Customer Engagement and Satisfaction
Social media makes interacting with customers easy. Just as good in-person
communication plays a vital role in customer satisfaction for your business, the same is
true with social media. It takes constancy and a bit of work, but most customers value
personal replies to comments and messages. It’s a great way to get direct feedback
about your business and understand what the perception of your brand is in the
marketplace. When you interact with customers publicly on your profiles, others may
also get answers to questions they have, and in turn, become customers.
Brand Authority
Having a social media presence makes it easier for possible customers to find your
brand or business and connect with it.  By providing your followers with valuable
information they can use, you establish yourself as an authority on your given topic. Talk
about your products, services, and who you are.  The more your followers know about
you and your business, the more loyal they become, and the more you establish
yourself as a local authority in your space.
Start Posting Today!
Social media marketing has many benefits for small businesses. Regularly updating
your social media accounts will in time lead to improved brand awareness, authority,
and increased website traffic. Need help getting started or developing a strategy? Give
us a call, we’d be happy to help!