Quick Guide to Social Media Marketing in 2022, by Alys Blevins

Every entrepreneur knows that social media marketing is the place to crush it and get more customers. But it is changing, social media site owners are pushing businesses to spend money and are slowly making it more difficult to organically market businesses. Here is our quick guide to social media marketing in 2022.

Post Engaging Content

Insight research has shown that customers are more likely to buy from a business if they find the content engaging. They prefer to feel like it is interesting content, like a video or a meme, rather than something trying to sell to them. You want to be engaging customers and getting them to love your brand in a fun and story-like way. Make sure you reply to comments and talk with prospective customers. Get them enjoying your content and engaging with it organically, but make sure you make 20% of your posts sales posts. These serve as a reminder of what you are selling and that you still have products/services available.

Mix it Up

Don’t just post one form of content. Mix it up, post photos, stories, memes, jokes, offers, discounts, and most importantly – videos. Video-based content is on the rise in 2022. Plus, there are so many apps out there, like Biteable, to help you create it. More people are at home, and they have more time to watch videos and take time with your content. Make it exciting and funny whilst being relevant to what you do.

Be Everywhere

There are now thousands of social media sites; apart from the big ones, there are sites for every business, every person. You can get post-scheduling apps and social media trackers like Hootsuite to help you appear on as many sites as possible. You will find over time which sites you get the most engagements on and which you can spend more time with.

Promote Your Brand Identity

Be sure that you have a brand identity across all channels. Use an online logo creator to help you design a logo you love and have this image as a profile picture across all social media channels. Post it in the corner of your photos and posts and as a background to your competitions and give away posts. People will start to associate it with you, and this is proven to up sales throughout the history of advertising.

Paid for Marketing

With the dawn of promoting businesses on social media, using paid-for adverts was unlikely to get you very far when it came to new customers and sales. However, in 2022 many social media sites are making it harder to market your page using likes and shares alone. Paid for advertisements are on the increase, so do your research and watch this space.

Comic Relief

A little lighthearted humor can work wonders. Post content that gives people a moment of normality and a smile, especially after the recent difficult times. Not only could this increase your sales, but it reinforces relationships with your present customers, which is always something to keep as a top priority.

If you follow this advice this year, we hope your engagements and interactions on your content will go through the roof. Remember to always research, update content and keep posting for the best results!


Alys Blevins is comfortable wherever classical music is being played.

She claims it brings out the creative juices in her, and it seems to work because she is a prolific freelance writer with a career in sales.

She plays the violin in her spare time.