For the Job Seeker – Making the Most of Your Job Interview by Using Soft Skills

By Foy Staley, Director of Business Development & Soft Skills Training

Finally, you are getting some calls for interviews. You ask yourself, “What will make me stand-out from the others?” “How can I impress them?” The answer may surprise you because it is something you already possess: soft skills!

Soft skills are those intangible qualities we have and more and more, employers look for in candidates. When interviewing there are 3 basic soft skills that can give you an edge.

Remember the 3 P’s: Preparation, Punctuality, and Professionalism

Prepare- and do research on the company beforehand; it shows you are invested in the company and yourself.

Punctuality – be on time. Sounds simple, but punctuality shows you care and it is a good habit to have for “on the job”.

Professionalism- is expected in the workplace. Dressing appropriately, treating everyone you meet courteously and carrying yourself professionally are key differentiators.

Pro-tip: From the minute you leave your home, act as if the interview has started. This puts you in the right frame of mind.

Body Language speaks volumes

When interacting with the employer, be sure to make eye contact, and be an active listener. Your nerves will try to move in but relax, breathe, and be purposeful.

Pro-tip: Practicing interviewing at home with a friend or recording yourself is beneficial.

Following-up is essential

Write a thank you card to the interviewer(s). This is a perfect opportunity to share more information about yourself or point out a highlight of the meeting. Try to write the note the same day if possible and no later than the next day.

Pro-tip: Ask for a business card from each interviewer before leaving so you have their contact information.

In Conclusion

Soft skills are basic skills that are key for an interview setting as well as the workplace and in life.


Foy Staley is the Director of Business Development and Soft Skills Training for HR Office Savers, Inc., an independent human resource consulting firm that supports local businesses and individuals with their human resource needs, including staffing, compliance, and job search.

Prior to joining HR Office Savers, Foy held a series of career development and training positions of increased responsibility and has earned a deep and distinguished career in education, soft skills training, and leadership development. Foy holds a Masters in Management and Leadership, is Workforce Readiness Chair for the Space Coast Human Resource Association (SCHRA), and is a frequent guest speaker at any number of local not-for-profits and non-profits in the area.

You can join Foy and HR Office Savers on our free monthly webinar “From Resume to Hired” on the third Friday of every month from 1-2pm. You can email with questions or to register, or go to our website at for more information. Promoting positive and sustained employment for both workers and employers!