Why is it a Good Time to Create Blogs, Courses, and Online Events? / by Kim Shiver, M.Ed, Speaker, Communications Strategist

by Kim Shiver, M.Ed, Speaker, Communications Strategist


If you’re like most of the US, the current situation of Coronavirus, shelter in place and changes in business have likely affected your life. Whether looking to pivot or re-build your business after we re-open, this is a perfect time to spend creating content.

Providing quality content is a great way to showcase your expertise in what you do. From massage therapy to website development, there are topics you can cover to highlight your knowledge. This builds trust with your customers and attracts new customers. People like to buy from those they trust can get the job done.

Types of Content to Create

There are many forms of content that can deliver value to your audience. Blog posts on your website are a great way to provide content and enhance your site. Creating a YouTube channel and posting videos allows you to attract a YouTube audience and these can also be embedded into a blog post, and creating an online course is another option for delivering quality content to your audience. Depending on the content and course, this may be offered for free or may be something you can sell to create profit.

Why is this a good time to create content?

If you’re one of the many whose business is slow or possibly closed because of the shelter in place rules, you may have more time than normal making it a good time to get a new content process in place.

How Can New Content Allow You to Pivot?

If you are in a field that is highly affected by the sheltering in place rules, what could you teach others that would help them shelter in place? For example, a hair dresser might hold an online class demonstrating how to color your hair at home, or a massage therapist might teach customers stretches and self-massage techniques to relieve pain.

This situation may also give you the time to create something separate from your business. For example, create a blog about a topic you know and love.

Am I the Right Person for This?

If you have knowledge about something, whether you do it professionally or not, and can share that information in a way that allows other people to learn and understand, then you are the right person. It’s time to overcome Imposter Syndrome and start creating content.

How Do I Get Started?

Creating content takes time and a process for getting the information out of your head and into a plan that then allows you to create the desired content.

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Kim Shivler is a Gallup Certified Clifton Strengths Coach, Communications Strategist and Consultant. She helps individuals, businesses, and teams, achieve their goals, improve communication, increase sales, and deliver stellar customer service.