Dr. Jaya Prakash (Coach Jaya) has been explaining how various diseases affect our body to a variety of audiences including the community at large. In this book, she has explained in plain English how diabetes attacks a variety of systems in the body and HOW YOU CAN ACT to STOP IT!


Diabetes is a disease that affects nearly 34 million Americans. Another 88 million have prediabetes and 9 out 10 don’t know it. As a trained physician and an educator for the past 35 years, Dr. Jaya Prakash, MD (Coach Jaya) has been helping people understand how Diabetes and prediabetes affects many organs and systems in our body. The body tries to compensate so we don’t know it until it starts inching toward prediabetes and then diabetes. In her book “Diabetes What’s the Big Deal? In plain English”, she explains using everyday analogies how it works and how you can stop this relentless march towards complications. It is never too late to help your body start healing. She shares her inspiring story of how she defeated this disease and is paying it forward.

True to her community-focused service, Coach Jaya is donating $5 for every copy sold till June 30th to a local charity in Brevard county who feeds needy children (Children’s Hunger Project).

Her book is available at Amazon as a paperback by clicking on her book.