The Job Search – Finding a Job

by Alan Bernstein, SHRM-SCP – HR Office Savers

My previous two articles talked about writing a compelling resume. For a resume to be compelling, it must be accurate, visually appealing, likeable, and content rich. 

Once you are happy with your resume, you need to get it in front of employers so they know you are available. Here are 3 actions you can take:

Post your resume online

Create a profile and post your resume online with one or more major internet job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, or Monster. There are other sites available, but these are the most well known and most utilized. In many cases these sites are compatible with your mobile device so you don’t even need a computer!

Create a profile with Employ Florida to have your resume in the Career Source Brevard system. If you are not computer savvy or prefer personal contact, you can call or walk into one of their three locations in Brevard County.

Most of these websites are also great resources for job seekers to search for open positions, set alerts that will notify you of new openings, and learn from a database of online learning tools. 

Pro-tip: check weekly that your resume is posted and up to date. If you have a new skill or added responsibility, add it to your resume. This keeps your resume current and refreshes your resume in the system.

Apply to open positions 

Once you have created a profile with one or more of the internet job boards, you can search for jobs and apply online to the position. 

Make a list of companies you would love to work for. Research these companies on-line or through friends and send them your resume. If you know someone at the company, ask them to hand deliver your resume to a decision maker.

Consider registering with a staffing agency. Staffing agencies represent companies to match job seekers with open positions. 

Pro-tip: Many established company websites allow job applicants to create a profile and attach a resume, even if you are not applying to a specific position. Smaller companies that do not have an established website may accept resumes in person. 


Join a user group on LinkedIn. Go to a Ribbon Cutting hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. Attend a job fair or learning event sponsored by CareerSource. Meet people that might be able to connect you to new positions.

Pro tip: Joining a group isn’t enough. You must also be active!

In Conclusion….

There is no one best way to find a job. The key is to try different solutions until you find the right one. You can always change course if what you’re doing now isn’t working. The most important thing is to get started!

HR Office Savers, Inc. is an independent human resource consulting firm that provides employment advisory solutions to small businesses and individuals in the areas of staffing, compliance, employee relations, resume writing, interview preparation, and job search. 


Alan Bernstein, SHRM-SCP, is the owner of HR Office Savers, Inc. Prior to launching his business, Alan held a series of human resource positions of increased responsibility at Harris Corporation, Honeywell International, GTSI Corp, and Verizon Wireless.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from The University of Buffalo, is Six Sigma Green Belt Certified, and is a Senior Certified Professional with the Society of Human Resource Management.