Spring Has Sprung, by Frank Taniyo

The start of a beautiful Saturday has all the elements for a perfect weekend at the 6th Annual Melbourne Botanical Festival held on the 5th of March.
The event was nestled in the parking lot on the corner of Strawbridge and Harbour City Blvd. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just beginning, they had exactly what you wanted.
People who have a love for beautiful flowers, plants, and trees enjoyed what the vendors had on display. Spring is the time of new life for plants and birds. The reminder that not all things are permanent; it’s a time for new life.
As I walked through this temporary botanical paradise, I noticed children riding in little wagons being pulled by their parents. The older fellow gardeners that have wagons of their own filled with an exotic collection of flowers and plants were taking them for a ride down the aisle of the garden festival as if they were their own children. When I was there, the attendance at the time had to be a few hundred people with a couple thousand for the day. It was the perfect day to be outside and enjoy what our community offers. Oh yes, with the warm sunshine and a sense of energy: spring has definitely sprung.
Frank Taniyo- Out And About

Frank Taniyo has been a photographer for 20 plus years. Among my work are nature photography, street art, food images, and still work for documentaries.

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