publishers notes


This coming November 27, many of us will be enjoying time with friends and family while participating in the annual ritual of eating Mr. Tom Turkey, accompanied by all the wonderful fixings that are a part of this wonderful holiday. Let’s not forget that many of us will also be watching some football or taking part in a much needed nap at some point during the day!

So while we are talking about this very special day, here’s a little something to ponder. Sometimes we get so caught up in life’s everyday happenings that we lose touch with the little things, the tidbits of life, the small blessings that happen each and every day around us.

As you read my notes this month, I’d like to ask you to please take some time and reflect on what you are thankful for. Don’t just think about the big things that come your way, but focus on the littlest of things, those that we may be taking for granted. No matter how much, or how little we might think we have in this world, let us be thankful for this day the Lord has made. 

In conclusion, with this month’s notes from me to you, I would like to quote a dear friend of mine by the name of “Little” Joe Ponds.  “Don’t just have a great day ….  make it a Great Day!”

Until next month, God Bless,

Bryan McDonough



Bryan McDonough

Publisher, Spotlight Magazine, Inc.