October is Bullying Prevention Month

Every day, the bright light of our children is at risk of being drowned out by the rain of words and deeds of the bully. Since we can’t stop the bully from doing or saying whatever they want, as parents, grandparents and teachers, we have an opportunity to protect our children by teaching them how Talented, Able and Gifted (TAGs) they are so that believe in themselves rather than the mean words of the bully said at school or on social media.

When you TAG Kids for Success™ each day by describing them using their Talents, Abilities and Gifts, you are strengthening their self-image, reinforcing that who they are is OK exactly as they are. This makes them able to not be hurt by the bully’s words, because they know the truth about themselves. They hang on to their self-esteem despite what is said or done.

One 5th grade student from Mila Elementary wrote a Thank You Note to Ward after one of her classroom presentations:spot1016_-pg-35-article-pix-3Thank you for your motivation to keep us all going. You helped me to be myself and have the ability to be everything I want. What you do is an amazing thing. Thank you for teaching us TAGs/Talents, Abilities, Gifts and you have a great gift. Thank you for visiting our class.

In 2015, Pastor Buni Alex of The Amen Commission Church Uganda, Kampala City, Africa found http://CreateConfidentKids.com online and began communicating with Ward. Since then, Pastor Alex has spread the word to parents and teachers in three Ugandan communities and to members of a Masai tribe in Tanzania on how to create, what Alex calls, Christ-like Confident Kids. spot1016_-pg-35-article-pix-2He holds TAG Kids for Success™ monthly meeting in his churches and his teachers ask Ward for advice on how to motivate students and inspire parents to support and encourage their children’s development of their Talents, Abilities and Gifts.

Ward says, to TAG Kids for Success™, make a list with your child or students.

Talents: What they love to do is their talent: puzzles, bike tricks, play an instrument, fix what’s broken, write stories, sing, paint, run the mile, tell funny stories, win computer games.

Abilities: The skill they use to do what they love is their Ability: A God-given skill that comes naturally, easily – THAT is what they are born to do: rhythmic, flexible, creative, inventive, imaginative, bright, athlete, intuitive, funny.

Gifts: Expressing their value in the world through their Ability and Talent is the Gift they give: entertain you; good team mate; teach others computer games, share their poetry, block the tackle, kick a goal, make presents; help their classmates; decorate the table.

Then discribe your child/student with their TAGs frequently to build their confidence and have them know what a gift they are to the world.

    • “Look at how you used your imagination (A) in writing (T)  that interesting story (G) about the little boy and the tiger.”
    • “I saw you using your rhythm (A)when you clapped to that song on the radio.”
    • “Now that drawing (G) is especially creative (A). How imaginative (A) of you to add the red, green, and yellow squiggly line to connect them all together. “
    • “You were very athletic (A) on the field today; you darted between your opponents (T) and made the goal (G).

marty-wardWard says, “If you TAG Kids for Success™, you will create a win/win atmosphere at school and at home. Everyone can learn to be “Confidence Boosters” supporting each other rather than “Fault Finders” tearing each other down. You get more cooperation and time for fun both at school and at home.”