National Women’s Health Week May 12th through 18th. / Promise Walk

National Women’s Health Week is a great time to take action to support women and help them achieve the best health possible.  This year, women need to strive to focus on their mental and physical health for a healthier future together.  A great place to start? Arming yourself with knowledge from reliable sources such as the Foundation for Women’s Cancer, American Heart Association, Preeclampsia Foundation, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There are two great women’s health non-profit organizations headquartered in Melbourne: Preeclampsia Foundation and C.A.R.E. Brevard (Cancer Advocacy Resources Education, Inc.). C.A.R.E. helps women navigate a gynecological cancer diagnosis and support them through treatment ( Preeclampsia Foundation is a national 501(c)3 not-for-profit that empowers women with knowledge of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

Both organizations emphasize that the best place a woman can start to care for herself is by attending regular checkups. Empower women and advocate for future health, knowing when to speak up.  Many women who develop preeclampsia have few or no risk factors, so regular care, along with checking blood pressure at home, is vital to detecting complications.

The same philosophy applies to gynecological cancers: while knowing your family history is important, there are more random gynecological cancers than hereditary ones. That makes regular gynecological visits, where you discuss all symptoms, even ones you think aren’t important or vital to your long-term health, as ovarian cancer has such vague symptoms. C.A.R.E. President Alice Spinelli reminds patients, “You are your own best advocate. If you have symptoms, talk to your healthcare provider and be sure they are listening!”



Stay active, listen to your body, and be empowered! You are invited to attend the upcoming Space Coast Promise Walk for Preeclampsia on May 18 at the Cocoa Civic Center, where we come together to have fun and hear Mission Mom Danielle Sapienza’s experience. “I’m grateful to work with the Preeclampsia Foundation to increase awareness of postpartum eclampsia, not only for those women at high risk but also for those who were low risk like me,” said Danielle.  This National Women’s Health Week, remember that your health takes priority too!


May 18, 2024
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