They may claim that they are from Microsoft or Windows but they aren’t.


If see any pop-ups on your computer similar to the ones illustrated here, whatever you do…


They may claim that they are from Microsoft or Windows but they aren’t.

These are very prevalent malware scams designed to gain access to your computer and alarm you into giving up your credit card or bank account number(s) in … View more the guise of removing or “fixing” the virus or malware they claim you have.

They ARE the malware and they are VERY proficient at creating panic, making it easier to infiltrate your PC WITH YOUR PERMISSION. Notice the line at the bottom that claims, “Your personal and financial information is compromised call “number” to be secured”

Computer, InfectedOnce they have access to your PC, they will show you the “Trojan(s)” that MUST be fixed immediately.  Computer Rich  have had a number of clients infected with this malware over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately we usually get the call a little too late, after their credit card or bank account has been tapped for as much as $549. These crooks will also try to sell you “Freeware” like Malwarebytes for $200.

Our 1st bit of advice is to IMMEDIATELY shut down your computer or laptop! DO NOT “X” out because some X’s are executable, meaning it could open or install another Potentially Unwanted Program or PUP. Sometimes your computer will freeze and you are unable to use it at all. You should then call a technician that you trust to scan your PC for any implanted malware or back door access.

Computer Rich  321-482-4567 offers a free consultation at your location to evaluate your entire system, not just your PC.

Notice that we’re using the term “malware” instead of “virus”. Malware refers to “malicious software” or malware for short.

Malware is a catch-all phrase that could encompass any type of “malicious software” such as a Virus, Adware, Spyware, Ransomware, a Worm and/or Trojan (and not the fun kind either).

One of the nastiest pieces of “malicious software” you could contract is the dreaded Encryptionware. This type of malware will encrypt or scramble all of your files rendering them unusable and unrecoverable. The criminal will now hold your PC hostage for ransom until you pay “X” amount of dollars usually paid through Bitcoin. Bitcoin payments are virtually untraceable and the chances of receiving the promised decryption key are about as likely as it is for Donald Trump to stop Twitting.

Computer Rich  encourages you to purchase an external hard drive to back up your critical data. Once your data is secure, disconnect the drive from your computer or laptop because if you’re hit with Encryptionware, it will also encrypt anything attached to it.

If you’re not sure which external hard drive you need to buy Computer Rich  will gladly obtain one for you.
Please make sure to warn your elder(s) because they specifically target older users who don’t know any different. Once these villains determine that they have a sucker on the line, your elder’s information will be sold to other nefarious criminals who will bombard them with every scam known to man.

One last thing as we can’t stress enough…


Computer Rich  offers private tutorials for you and your seniors in the comfort of your own home or office. Remember, Computer Rich  is here to assist you with all of your computer needs in Brevard County.

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