How to embrace digital organizational tools

When internet usage switched from mere fad to fully functional, few people may have imagined just how profound — and mobile — it would become. While electronic use was largely stationary as recently as a few years ago, it’s now second nature for users to send and receive information on the go. Smartphone use has increased dramatically in recent years, and these pocket-sized devices can be reliable hubs of information. The same devices that keep people in touch can help them stay more organized. Here’s how to use mobile devices to stay on top of schedules and other organizational jobs.


One of the more useful smartphone organizational tools is the calendar app. Depending on the operating system or app used, calendar entries can be synchronized across phones and devices. That makes it possible to pull up your calendar while on the go or when sitting at a desktop computer. Calendar apps can be optimized using reminders, alarms and even recurring entries. Shopping Smartphones have revolutionized shopping, but even those who still shop in more traditional ways can use their mobile devices to make the process easier. Apps like Out of Milk can keep a running tally of ingredients and items in the pantry to make it easier to maintain shopping lists. The virtual megastore mySupermarket enables you to compare prices at major retailers and then decide where to buy certain products. The site works with each retailer to fulfill the order. Favado will build a shopping list based on local sales and favorite brands. The app can even notify you when particular items go on sale or recommend relevant coupons.

Financial management

The same capabilities that were once exclusive to desktop computers are now available on mobile devices. Online banking, bill pay and check deposit functions have cut down on the time needed to fulfill many banking operations. Bank and credit union apps enable users to quickly check their balances or transfer money on the go. What’s more, apps such as Evernote can help you organize and save receipts or other information. Retrieve these items from your camera roll or through Evernote’s cloud services. Other receipt management apps serve similar functions.

Mobile scanning

Along a similar vein, mobile scanning functionality enables you to capture just about anything and turn it into a digital file. Text, multi-page documents, business cards, signatures, and more can be scanned and stored digitally, then retrieved and printed, if necessary. This can help cut down on paper clutter. Mobile digital organization is the wave of the future. With phone in hand, smartphone users can run and organize many aspects of their lives.