How to Get Your Resume Out of The Pile 

by Jessica Carraro / HR Office Savers

Many companies receive thousands of job applications and not every resume can be reviewed. Some companies use applicant tracking systems to scan resumes for skill sets and experience and filter applicants for review by the hiring team.

As a resume writer and career coach, many of my clients ask me how they can improve their chances of getting their resume seen by a recruiter. Here are my top 3 tips:

  1. Apply to Positions You are Qualified For

Be intentional with your job search. When applying to jobs make sure you ask yourself, “Can I do this job? Do I have the basic requirements?”

Some applications include screening questions and if you do not meet the basic requirements, such as education and years of relevant experience, your resume is automatically disqualified.

Pro-tip: Also ask yourself, “Would I do this job?” Make sure you are interested in the jobs you are applying for.

  1. Make Sure Your Resume is Easy to Read

A simple resume with clean formatting and no grammatical errors will help a recruiter quickly review your experience and get a good picture of what skills you bring to the table.

Adding graphics can sometimes confuse the applicant tracking system because the system is not able to view these items correctly. A resume that is hard to read or understand may cause a recruiter to pass over it.

Pro-tip: ask a friend or colleague to give you an unbiased opinion. You can send your resume to HR Office Savers for a free review as well.

  1. Network

Join networking groups. Visit a Chamber of Commerce. Attend a job fair. Talk to others in your social circle about your job search. You may find that you know someone at the company you are applying to. They may be able to provide you insight about the company and may even be able to refer you for the open position.

Pro-tip: When networking, have your resume available and be ready to share it.


There is no one best way to get your resume seen. You must use a blended approach. The key is to try different solutions until you find the right one.

Jessica is an HR Consultant at HR Office Savers, Inc., an independent human resource consulting firm that supports small local businesses and individuals with their human resource needs, including staffing, compliance, outplacement support, and job search.

Prior to joining HR Office Savers, Jessica held a series of Human Resource positions of increased responsibility. Jessica holds a bachelor’s in Organizational Communication and Journalism, and a Master of Professional Studies in Human Resource Management.

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