Blue Star Families bringing hope during COVID-19 Times

by, Lori Marie Huertas

Extended Learning Regional Recruitment Manager / Barry University

When we became quarantined due to COvId-19 as a Barry University Regional Recruitment Manager ( and graduate student of the Doctorate program in Educational Leadership in Brevard County, I thought, how can help others during these times? The desire for human interaction is a part of my inner being especially with my love language, being physical touch and my Myers Briggs personality being an ENFJ (you will have to read my future articles for details on this). I remembered to put Barry University’s mission statement “through a transformative University experience characterized by Learn, Reflect, and Serve, the Division of Mission and Student Engagement develops and implements programs and services that cultivate the characteristics of a Barry University graduate” into action.

I had to be outwardly focused which at first my not an easy task. My only son was away at the Army. My first grandson was also born, and I had not had an opportunity to hold him since he was living in a different state. I remembered reading about Mother Theresa and how one day they brought her a widow. This man had lost his wife and daughter in a car accident. After Mother Theresa prayed with the man she asked him, “What are you going to do with all of that love? He shrugged his shoulders. She looked at him with eyes of compassion and said, ” go share your heart with others.”


In that same Barry University spirit of service, I prayed about ways to help others. I volunteered with Blue Star Families (BSF)  and fell in love with this group. I quickly became one of their Ambassador’s as a proud Army Mom. Blue Star Families was formed in 2009 and is a nonprofit military support organization. BSF works in communities across the country to provide opportunities for military families to connect with one another as well as the larger communities in which they live. BSF has a mission of bringing Americans together to address the many challenges faced by military families in the belief that our nation is strongest when the families of those that protect us are thriving. BSF has a valued partnership with Starbucks. Did you know that Starbucks has employed above 25,000 veterans and military spouses since 2013? Want to know more? Visit

May you remember that your kindness to others during these times does make a difference. I also used my isolation time to write a song that was recorded for my grandson called “Abuela’s Love” that is now shared with military children:

That is not all. I started a YouTube channel, called “Story Time with Abuela”  which the National Veteran Chamber uses for their Reading virtually

A heart of service is what sets us apart.