The Healthy House

homeA healthy house is essential in improving your family’s health and the following are some tips that A-Best Air & Heat would like to share with you to make your home a “Healthy House”.


Ultra Violet lights:

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality has a tremendous impact on your family’s health. Germicidal UV light has been proven effective and utilized in numerous applications to improve air quality and therefore your indoor environment.  The UV light is installed in your air handler unit.  openlightThe air handler unit is dark and has moisture which can develop air quality problems. The EPA states that indoor air pollution can be much higher than the outdoor environment.  In order to fight indoor air pollution, people who suffer from asthma or allergies attempt to dust more, keep the windows closed and clean frequently but the allergy or asthma symptoms usually still persist. The use of a UV light can dramatically reduce these microbes that are being circulated throughout your home through the AC system.

Change Filters Regularly:

How often you change your filter is determined on indoor pollutants such as pets, smoking or hobbies that produce dust or dander.  Most people change them once a month or more often, especially if you have respiratory problems.  We even recommend that landlords provide their tenants with a case once a year so compliance can be met easily.  Have them change the filter when they pay their rent.  Filthy-Cabin-AC-filter-2Changing the filter often will also lower electric bills and prevent unnecessary service calls.  Unchanged filters can shorten the life of your system.

AC System Maintenance:

Getting your AC maintained twice a year will prolong the life of the system.  The technician can see small problems and correct them before they become costly.  As far as health reasons, the tech can make sure the system is clean and the air you are breathing is of high quality.  The tech will also inspect the UV light (If you had one installed) to make sure bulb is still good and UV operating correctly.

Did you know… Also, to prevent fires or high electric bills have your dryer vent cleaned once a year.  This is not just the filter on top that you clean lint from but the vent that goes to the outdoors, which requires proper cleaning.

So Enjoy Your “Healthy Home”!


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