For the Hiring Manager – Lure in Great Candidates / By Alan Bernstein, President and Chief Human Resource Consultant of HR Office Savers, Inc.

One of the first steps to finding great employees is determining what type of person will fit into the new position and the company. But finding the right way to lure in candidates can be difficult if not done properly.

Advertising Your Position

Industry specific websites and networking events are great places to post job openings and look for candidates. They can appeal to applicants currently looking for work or those simply interested in the particular type of industry and line of work.

Online job websites are another useful source for job seekers, which makes them a good place to advertise and seek new candidates.

Utilize your company’s website and if you have a storefront, post a notice on the door or in the waiting room.

Networking with the competition is also helpful. Even if you do not recruit from your competition, you can learn from them. Ask the employees what they like and do not like about the company and make appropriate changes.

Develop Corporate Citizenship

Also known as corporate social responsibility, corporate citizenship can cover a wide range of services and processes, including charity works, business plans, and office procedures.

Developing corporate citizenship among employees helps them become engaged with each other and hold each other accountable for their own actions.

When a company utilizes this citizenship, it helps draw in talent and potential candidates since it can make employees feel like they are part of a team and feel better about working with each other.

Utilizing corporate citizenship can also help retain current employees because employees feel like they are part of a family and feel supported by the rest of their team when a problem arises.

Treat Your Candidates Well

It is important to treat new hires as well as the candidates you choose not to hire with respect.

Any candidate who comes in contact with the company—whether by interview, resume, or simple phone call—should be treated with respect. If not, they could not only lose interest in your company but can share their mistreatment and cause other candidates to lose interest as well.

Be honest with everyone you choose not to hire and keep job seekers up to date and notified of interview processes and potential open positions.

It is always good practice to be nice and treat job seekers with respect. They will return the favor.

In Conclusion:

Increasing exposure to the growing public will increase your chances of finding more candidates and increasing company exposure. Reach out locally as well as outside the region to reach a range of people and a range of talent.

Alan is the owner of HR Office Savers, Inc., an independent human resource consulting firm that supports small local businesses and individuals with their human resource needs, including staffing, compliance, and job search. Prior to launching his business, Alan held a series of Human Resource positions of increased responsibility at Harris Corporation, Honeywell International, GTSI Corp, and Verizon Wireless.  Alan holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from The University of Buffalo, is Six Sigma Green Belt Certified, and is a Senior Certified Professional with the Society of Human Resource Management.HR Office Savers offers a full range of human resource support options, from employee relations to termination, including performance improvement plans and progressive discipline policies. Contact us today at positive and sustained employment for both workers and employers!