The Joy Journey

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 by Kelly Russell / CCM Melbourne Florida When you think about the word “joy”, what comes to mind? Some say a new baby, a wedding, or even a beach day. In both the Old and New Testaments, “joy” is described as gladness, delight, or pleasure. Let’s take a journey of


Are You Prepared?

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by Debbie Worzalla / CCM, Together, doing life Right! Living in Florida, most of us are familiar with hurricane preparations. We know when a storm is coming so we prepare by stocking up on water, canned food, candles, and other necessities. We fill our cars with gas, install hurricane shutters,


Saving money for what matters; being wise with taxes

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by Financial Professional: Erin Long Don’t you just love tax season? No? Me neither. Like most of my clients, you probably recognize the necessity of taxes, but you don’t want to pay a penny more than your fair share. Before I discuss some tax efficiency strategies, let me be clear


Are all gods created equal?

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  by, Jim Campbell I saw a new TV series promo the other day for a show called “American Gods”.  The name was interesting, so I thought I’d check it out. The overall premise was that the “old gods” (Norse, Greek, etc…) were losing influence and were in danger of being


What can I REALLY accomplish?

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  Everyone is joining gyms right now because they are turning over a new leaf.  January is the time where a lot of people (12% of new members) sign up for a gym membership, and studies show that most of those people have quit going by June…and some would have


An odd choice

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by, Jim is the Campus / Pastor and Primary Communicator at Bay West Church Palm Bay Fl How do you prepare for a hard day or season?  I usually try to make sure I’m eating healthy, getting plenty of rest, and clearing out my schedule.  Many of us do similar types of


Exodus – July 27 – 28 2018 (Concert and Youth Conference) –

Spiritual Bondage lives in the mind, so even in the safety of your own home there can be torment. The EXODUS Begins. Mark your calendars and share the info!


Out of Control

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  I was in Walmart today, and as I leave the bread aisle, I hear screaming a couple of aisles over.  As the words came into audio focus, there was hateful profanity and very aggressive language that startled me.  I peaked around the corner just in to see some Walmart

Tapping into Our God-given Potential

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 by Kimberly Ruoff, CCM: Together, doing life Right!   Many couples love to experience an evening out at a fine dining restaurant. With reservations made, they arrive and are quickly guided by the maître d to their seats. The ambience of the evening is perfect, from the eloquently decorated table

Ever felt like a lamp?

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by Jim Campbell, Pastor, Bay West Church of Palm Bay Florida Lamps are useful devices.  They are designed to give light to a dark space.  They help us see to read or to walk through a room without injury.  They can also be used to do other things.  You can


The Great Awakening of 2016

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by Craig Putnam For a long time, I felt the desire to learn more about the Book of Revelation. Researching and studying many interpretations, I always felt there was something missing. One night just before bed I heard a strong voice from my conscience say, “Adam, Noah, Moses and Jesus. Compare


Hating on couscous

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by, Jim Campbell, Pastor Bay West Church of Palm Bay Florida I’m not what you consider a foodie…at all.  I’m from the Southern United States, where it’s usually meat and potatoes and fresh vegetables.  I like my steaks well done, my hamburgers big and nothing really fancy.  For most of


Brevard County is a Blessed County, in a Blessed Country.

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by: Dr. Malcolm Blowes / Win Our Nations So many of us Americans have never come to the reality of just what a blessing it is to be born or live in the good ol’ USA, the greatest country in the world. We are all tempted to gripe and complain


Running Faster

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by Jim Campbell, Pastor Bay West Church, Palm Bay Florida My family and I ran a race recently.  It was a thing that my wife and the kids wanted to do together, so Dad reluctantly agreed.  Katye loves to run.  My kids are both in elementary school and love to run

Brevard County is making a difference in various continents of the world

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Win Our Nations, Inc. is a Christian based mission organization established in the UK in 1985 and has been based in Cocoa, Florida since 1998 and for almost two decades has had the joy and privilege of reaching out to the nations of the world, which include taking various teams


The More I Know Him

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  I have found that the longer I walk with God, the more I know Him. I get to know His character and faithfulness through His Word, through my prayer life and by witnessing what He has done for me and others who follow Christ. My prayer is that He


Chasing Tomorrow

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by Jim Campbell, First Baptist Church of Melbourne, Florida I think we’ve all done something that we would deem “stupid”. At some point, we may have shaken our head, took a deep breath and thought, “I know better than that”…and we probably did. We’ve watched a leader or a celebrity


Fighting Fair …

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by Larry A. Attig, Pastor, Melbourne First Church of the Nazarene February has multiple celebrations and every day has some national day of something. While most of us have never heard of the majority of those celebrations, we are familiar with Presidents’ Day, Lincoln & Washington’s Birthday, Groundhog Day, Ash



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by Jim Campbell, First Baptist Church of Melbourne, Fl For the longest time, this line, or some form of it, has been used to start a joke or a comedian’s monologue and it’s become such a staple in our culture that just reading it makes you expect something funny.  Common


Really, Christmas Tree Lights Already ?

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  Christmas Trees  by Pastor, Larry A. Attig Becky and I were in a department store and like many couples, she went one way looking for something, I went another. As I navigated the aisles in the men’s section, something caught my attention from the far side of the store.

Commitment Isn’t Always Easy

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Life is often difficult and schedules seem unrelenting, so Becky and I took a 5 week sabbatical in August. The plan was simple, we would visit all the kids (free lodging is appreciated when possible), then head to Michigan for a celebration of life service for a good friend, and



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A couple months ago, Becky and I had one of those whirlwind trips driving almost 2500 miles in 5 days. I have a new respect for truckers or anyone having to drive to make a living. I am grateful I wasn’t called to sit behind a wheel for 8 to


WAITING … by Jim Campbell / First Baptist Church of Melbourne

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I was in the line the other day behind one of you (and you know who you are) that play the lotto. To be honest, you were taking a really long time and I was really ready to say “Can’t you pick this stuff out before you get to the

Coping With Criticism

Recommended Reading:   Coping With Criticism by Jamie Buckingham Excerpt from Coping with Criticism — It took a long time before I recognized there is a difference between coping with criticism and being immune to it. A couple of years ago, after having gone through several moderate encounters with angry


Get The Body You Want In Just Minutes A Day

With the dizzying array of “recommended” diet plans being touted these days, how do you decide which is best for you? Is it low carb or low fat; dairy- free or gluten-free; macrobiotic or simply organic; vegan or vegetarian (what exactly is the difference?); cleansing, detoxifying, juicing or fasting? With so


For all of us, life has periods of time when things are difficult. We have to make hard decisions, tough choices and all of this on limited information, because no one can see the future. There are loads of people from the stock investor who’s “tip” just talked to the
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