God Took Me To Las Vegas… To Get Sober

Transformative Memoir Depicts an Unlikely Journey of Personal Recovery and the Power of Change

Randy Mortensen, a renowned business leader and motivational speaker, triumphantly unveils his memoir, ‘God Took Me to Las Vegas…To Get Sober.’ This compelling narrative delves into Mortensen’s remarkable journey from the clutches of addiction to the shores of redemption and sobriety, all set against the neon backdrop of Las Vegas, where he was a resident. Mortensen’s story not only chronicles his personal struggle with addiction but also serves as a beacon of hope for those grappling with similar battles, showcasing the power of resilience and the potential for transformative change.

‘God Took Me to Las Vegas…To Get Sober’ is more than just a personal memoir; it is a practical guide and a source of inspiration for recovery, infused with spiritual insights and actionable advice. With over 33 years of sobriety under his belt, Randy’s honest retelling unveils the intricacies of addiction and the pivotal role of faith in conquering life’s obstacles. His journey is a testament to the transforming power of faith, guiding individuals through their darkest moments to a place of profound change and renewed purpose.

With a successful career spanning three decades across finance, energy, non-profit, and technology sectors, Mortensen brings a wealth of leadership experience to his writing. His professional journey includes key roles such as VP of Business Development and CEO, where he spearheaded significant growth and sustainability initiatives. As a co-founder of Energy Solutions, Mortensen played a pivotal role in catapulting the company revenues from $600k to over $40 million in just four years, a testament to his exceptional business acumen and leadership prowess.

Randy Mortensen’s transformative approach continues to inspire not only in business but also in personal health and community engagement. By integrating Biblical principles and his entrepreneurial spirit, Mortensen has significantly impacted various sectors, including his work with World Wide Village, focusing on sustainable community development in Haiti and other regions.

“God Took Me to Las Vegas…To Get Sober” is available for purchase here: GodTookMeToLasvegas.com

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Randy Mortensen, a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience across finance, energy, non-profit, and technology sectors, stands as a valuable asset for growth-focused organizations. Holding leadership positions as VP of Business Development and CEO, his memoir showcases his journey as a serial entrepreneur, notably highlighted by his role in catapulting Energy Solutions’ revenues from $600k to over $40 million in four years. Engaging in global initiatives and infusing Biblical leadership principles into his work since his transformative journey to sobriety, Randy’s memoir, “God Took Me to Las Vegas…..to Get Sober,” offers readers a unique insight into his leadership philosophy.