“An Invitation into the Clubhouse.”

A recent article emerged from “Massage & Bodywork” magazine featuring Jody Stork as a pioneer in the massage therapy field.

Karrie Osborn is senior editor at Associated Bodywork and credits Jody Stork in their most recent article, “An Invitation into the Clubhouse.” The magazine notes her milestones in the advancement of sports massage when she began to make waves in the early 1990s. She worked with esteemed athletes to “help decrease their injuries and improve their performance through the use of sports massage.”Jody - The Inspiration-3 Not only was she hired to be the Florida Marlin’s first massage therapist, she was also the first female therapist in major league baseball. Stork earned a World Series ring when the Marlins won the championship in 1997. She gained a prominent reputation providing her expertise and skills on such athletes as Dan Marino and Greg Norman; in addition, to working alongside with Florida Marlins executive vice president, Jonathan Mariner, and Hall of Fame athletic trainer, Larry Starr. Starr mentions, “One of the biggest problems was figuring out who would and wouldn’t get a massage that day because everyone wanted a massage from Jody.” Mariner agrees: “Massage in baseball is much more prevalent now. Just in the course of discussing the role of sports medicine in the clubhouse, the mention of massage therapists is just standard.”

Jody Stork dedicated herself to this profession in a way far and few can ever claim. A leader in the massage therapy field for 31 years, she became the founder and Director of her own massage school in 1991.

space Coast logo webSpace Coast Education Center is still a highly sought after school in the field of massage therapy and skin care education. After opening her school in 1991, Jody and her husband proceeded to begin another endeavor by becoming the founder of Space Coast Massage and Spa in 1994.

Jody Stork continually donates her time to help others. She possesses an eager and energetic spirit to share what she cares so deeply about. Unrivaled in her profession, she surpasses many by her constant good works and array of community involvement. Jody states, “I always want to be able to give back to our community and I always try to instill that in my students and staff; because that’s what’s important. It’s what you give and not what you get.”

She continues to demonstrate her willingness to give back to the community by volunteering her time and sharing that passion with her students, instructors, assistant school director, spa professionals and massage therapists to show them the importance of community involvement. Students of Space Coast Education Center gave complimentary massages to the City of Palm Bay employees and their families, and to the Melbourne Police Department, the Police Dispatch/Communication Center and at the Florida Tech Health Fair.

Jody Stork is nothing short of an advocate for helping those in need directly in our local community. She has given her time by volunteering and giving various gift certificates to local businesses and charities, such as: Candlelighters of Brevard, Wounded Warrior Project, The Haven, Nana’s House, the American Legion, and the Sharing Center.

A force to be reckoned with, Jody Stork wants her students and therapists to be their very best, to unveil their greatest potential. An encouragement to her school graduates, she drives them to unlock and embrace their ability to heal others with the art of touch by promoting health & wellness through massage therapy techniques. She’s provides a school like no other with her personal involvement in the education with the future of massage therapy.

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