Your Place, Your Space


By Jane Walker, Atlantic Fine Furniture


Moving, redecorating or even minor upgrades to your living space can leave you fraught with anxiety.   You find yourself with endless choices of color, fabric, style and design.   No wonder folks give up in despair and live with what they have.

The quest to find something that defines your place and fits your space can be daunting.   Here are a few tips to help you through the process.

First, measure your space.  Use a tape measure!  Don’t forget to factor in doors, windows and openings.  Write these measurements down and carry them with you when you shop.  This will alleviate the “but will it fit” dilemma and save you the extra trip home to measure prior to purchase.  Furniture always looks smaller in the store!

Have a clear idea of how you want to use your space.  Are you lounging, watching TV, entertaining, or is it a room no one actually uses but still requires furniture?  Is it a walk-through room, or one that connects to the kitchen, bedrooms or outdoors?  These living conditions factor into the room function and furniture placement.

If you want to add pieces to a room with existing furniture, take pictures and carry them along as well (smart phones make it easy).   If possible, bring a pillow from a sofa, color swatch or wear clothing the same color as the pieces you want to match.   It’s easy for professionals to help coordinate new with old if we know what the ‘old’ is.   Be open to new ideas.  I often work with folks who purchase something completely different from what they set out to find.

And finally…..remember, it’s your place – love how you live!