What is involved in a natural detox?

by Amy Lyon


So many wellness programs involve a “detox” period. Is this really necessary, what is involved and how can I avoid the negative side effects that can go with it?  by Jen P.

Dear Jen,

When I got serious about my health and wellness journey, I had headaches. Three straight days of nagging, pulsating headaches. And I felt achy as if the flu was setting in. Because of the research I’d done, I knew that my discomfort was a good thing; my body was detoxifying.

Looking back, it was absolutely worth it. I no longer have out-of-control sugar cravings or fall into the afternoon slump that requires an energy drink or a nap.

The No. 1 question I’m asked related to the detox process is this: “If this is supposed to make me feel better, why am I [insert term here: more tired, sick, crabby, dizzy, etc.]?”

Getting your body to optimum health can be a timely process and anyone that offers you a quick fix likely isn’t being truthful. Remember, your health didn’t deteriorate over night, and the best way to do it is not through a fad diet, but through an honest-to-goodness lifestyle change.

Detoxifying your body can be as simple swapping out diet soda for flavored water or eliminating the most obvious forms of refined sugar from your diet (sugar hides in all sorts of unexpected places such as breads, tomato sauce and crackers).

When you give something up that your body has gotten used to having, your cells begin to eliminate toxic substances. Before they make their final exit, the toxins are released into the body, which can result in physical symptoms such as:

·        headaches

·        lethargy

·        temporary muscle aches

·        mucus or other discharge

·        a coated, pasty tongue

·        flu-like symptoms

·        irritability

·        difficulty sleeping

·        weakness

·        cravings

·        nausea

·        constipation

·        diarrhea

·         gas



A gentle detox can restore balance in your body.

The good news: The more water you drink, the more quickly your body will flush those toxins and the more quickly you can move forward in pursuit of your health and wellness goals. It is widely recommended that you drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day, particularly if you are detoxing. Adding lemon, cucumber or mint leaves not only gives flavor to water, but also aids in the detox process. Also, try an Epsom salt bath to draw the toxins out through your skin, and allow more time for rest and sleep.

While detoxifying your body may appear on the surface to be more work than it’s worth, the majority of people report relief from their detox symptoms in 2-3 days, and some people experience no symptoms at all. Furthermore, the benefits of a healthy, detoxified body greatly outweigh the short-term discomfort.

When your body is operating at its best, you have a strong defense against chronic illness, better immune system function, increased energy levels, clarity and focus, and, for some, weight loss. It’s the only body you’ve got and it’s in your power to make changes today that your future self will thank you for. Go for it!




Amy Lyon is a health and wellness advocate and Sr. Ambassador for Plexus Worldwide. Email your questions to amyleelyon@hotmail.com (Names may be changed to protect identity.) Learn more about health and wellness, and read testimonials on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/groups/plexushealthandwellness