“Are there underutilized benefits in health insurance plans?”


There were always a few extra benefits built into health insurance plans, however, the new ACA guidelines have incorporated benefits such as pediatric dental, zero cost preventive care, dependent coverage to 26 (29 in Florida with additional requirements) to name a few that many members are not aware.  Two of the most underutilized benefits are:


  1. Preventive care – qualified plans are now required to include one annual preventive visit to members at a zero cost share, including tests such as mammograms, colorectal screening , etc.  (see your plan for covered screenings and frequency limits). HINT: Visit must be coded preventive by doctors office.


  1. Gym memberships – The most underutilized and  generous health plan offering is the free gym membership offered to Health First Health plan members.  Membership includes not only the Pro-Health fitness gyms, but now with the additional Prime Fitness arrangement  includes Planet Fitness, Anytime Fitness and many more.  Membership includes Spinning, Zumba, Aqua Fit, Aerobic and many other group classes.  The membership can now also be used when traveling to maintain your fitness commitment on the go. HINT: Your insurance agent should go over these details with your employees at renewal every year.



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