Tips for a successful job search – The Resume Part II

by Alan Bernstein, SHRM-SCP – HR Office Savers

Last month I shared with you the “big picture” of writing a compelling resume. In order for a resume to be compelling, it must be accurate, visually appealing, and likeable. This month I want to talk about content.

Once you are happy with the layout of your resume, you need to refine the wording. What story are you trying to tell the reader? Are you portraying your skills and accomplishments in the best possible way?

The people reading your resume need to know that what you did – or do – will benefit them. The best way to explain this in your resume is by ensuring each of your previous jobs tells a story. You can frame each story with the acronym FRY – Feature, Result, You.


What did you do and how did you do it? These are factual, action statements about your job. If you are a painter, you might say “Paints interior and exterior of homes.” Or if you are a Customer Service Representative, you might say “Answers phones and handles customer complaints.” Most resumes do a good job of this. Pro tip – use action verbs when explaining what you do.


What was the positive result of the task? These are specific accomplishments that show the reader how you performed on the job. If you are a housecleaner, you might say “Successfully completed all cleaning jobs on time and under budget.” Or if you are a salesperson, you might say “Achieved 120% of quota.” Many resumes make the mistake of skipping this part. Pro tip – use numbers when possible. Percentages and dollar amounts stand out on a resume.


What training or self-improvement were you a part of for the benefit of the company? If you are a Human Resource Generalist, you might say “Attended employee benefits training to learn new compliance rules.” Or if you are a help desk technician, you might say “Attended company sponsored network engineering training to learn additional technical skills.” This is not the time to be shy! Pro tip – be sure that what you add is relevant to the company or position.

In Conclusion….

There are many considerations when writing a resume, such as cover letters, objective statements, and more. Resumes are not one-size-fits-all! Be sure to review your resume regularly for accuracy, content, and likeability. Have several people review it for you, and don’t hesitate to make changes as needed.

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Alan Bernstein, SHRM-SCP, is the owner of HR Office Savers, Inc. Prior to launching his business, Alan held a series of Human Resources positions of increased responsibility at Harris Corporation, Honeywell International, GTSI Corp, and Verizon Wireless.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from The University of Buffalo, is Six Sigma Green Belt Certified, and is a Senior Certified Professional with the Society of Human Resource Management.