By: Angela Bozorth

February brings with it the enchanting season of love, and we begin to think of all things romantic.  However, as with so much in our fast-paced modern world,  St. Valentine’s Day has become little more than a highly commercialized day of frenzied pressure to “get it right” by choosing the right card, box of candy, or arrangement of flowers. This is evident early on the morning of February 14th as long lines of men clutch their last-minute purchases in supermarkets and pharmacies all across the country.  Of course, most beloveds are just glad their partner actually remembers, but if this holiday is REALLY about showing your true love just how much affection and devotion you feel for them, why not think about offering them something a bit more unique and personal this year.   Why not give your Special Someone something they cannot buy mass-produced from a chain store.  

The most precious gifts that each of us possess are our time, our talents, and our treasures.  Let’s start with Time: the Grand Illusion.  It is the one thing we never seem to have enough of, and yet we all have exactly the same amount of on a daily basis.  So if you and your True Love seem to be like ships passing through the night more often than not, then the Gift of Time would obviously be the one for your Valentine. Examples of unique Valentine’s gifts in this category include whisking him/her off to a romantic bed and breakfast for the weekend or jetting to an exciting destination weekend to indulge in a shared passion or hobby.  Maybe you would prefer a more personal experience that just the two of you can enjoy sharing together, like a long walk on the beach or a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant, or if your budget permits, have a gourmet chef come in and whip up a meal for two at home so you can share more precious time together.

Talent can seem to be a bit of a daunting choice if one isn’t into crafting, but most of us are far more talented than we give ourselves credit for.  You could create a unique piece of artwork or a painting or drawing and take the time to have it matted and framed.  This will give your creation that million-dollar look and not like it was a last-minute thought. Also,  armed with the knowledge of knowing what he or she loves, you can peruse local thrift shops to find old pieces and repurpose them into something new and one-of-a-kind.  For example, my husband, who does not like tchotchkes, does like globes, and I was lucky enough to find a vintage one in a thrift store several years ago for his birthday.  Also, ladies, let’s not forget the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So why not prepare his favorite meal finished with an over-the-top chocolate dessert (for you, too, of course!) Finally, you don’t have to be William Shakespeare to put pen to paper and tell that special person how you really feel.  So this year, why not give Hallmark a run for their money and design your own card, complete with your own heartfelt written words!

As for treasures, most of us think of chests filled with gold and maybe pirates (Johnny Depp? I digress). Treasures are defined as something of “great worth or value”.  Likewise, a treasure chest is historically a box created to hold close to your heart physically or metaphorically to keep safe.  For the more sentimental, you can purchase a unique style box that you think your true love would enjoy.  Fortunately, they are rather easy to find and inexpensive to purchase in our modern era, from online marketplaces, thrift shops, yard sales & traditional craft stores. Then comes the truly special part, including the irreplaceable treasures that you share as a couple: your wedding invitation, your first child’s baby announcement, the first ring he gave you from a long-ago vacation, ticket stubs to your first movie…your first Valentine’s Day card.  In our modern world filled with millions of images and sound bites of information swirling around us all day long, the importance of spending quality time with those who are important to us can sometimes seem like just another chore. Love is so much more than a chore…so make sure to let your Valentine know that by sharing your Time, Talent or Treasure.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Angela  Bozorth 

Certified Substance Abuse Counselor in Florida and North Carolina for 20 years.

Recovery Specialist works with families of addicts to help them regain focus and peace.

Please call for in person or online sessions at 321-343-1975