This Roasters Story, Santino Supremo Coffee

Santino Supremo Coffee was born out of the quest to brew a great cup of coffee at home.
I’m the first generation of Sicilian-Italian immigrants. Breakfast was coffee with a homemade cookie or biscotti.
Early on, I drank the same supermarket coffee Mom and Dad drank but came to realize after traveling to various counties that the coffee I brewed in my kitchen could not compare.
My search of that elusive Perfect-Cup lead me to study every aspect of coffee but came to realize the actual roasted coffee was the one variable I had no control over.
Eventually, I became roasting at home on a $20 popcorn maker to satisfy my desire for a better cup. This lead to requests for my coffee but it would take hours for just a few cups.
Finally, I launched Santino Supremo Coffee roasting on a commercial electric machine that can produce 50 pounds of roasted coffee in two hours. I prefer electric due to no chemical sulfates will lynch into the coffee during the roasting process affecting the final taste.
Today we offer some of the greatest high-scoring Arabica coffees from around the world focusing on delivering that Clean, Aromatic, Sweet Tasting, and Satisfying coffee to your door days after roasting from our local facility.
Interesting Fact: On the worldwide scale, over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily putting coffee second only to oil of commodities traded. Americans rank 14th with 3.5 cups on average per person.
My goal is NOT to offer a commodity but to offer Consumable-Art so you can experience that Perfect Cup.
You can find us on FaceBook, Instagram, and at
The best way is to reach me is to TEXT the word COFFEE and your name to 954-200-4364.
We also offer coffee tastings and educational seminars.
Vincent Santino is a veteran owner-operator.
Thank you, God Bless You and America
Vincent Santino
Santino Supreme Coffee