The Space Coast Burger Battle, Who will be the Champ? Out And About by Frank Taniyo

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon this past August 20th, the smell of burgers cooking on an open flame fills Wickham Park with a mouthwatering aroma that will draw people from all around to see what is going on. You could taste the intoxicating food that just tickled your nose as you arrived at the festival area; you knew you were at The Space Coast Burger Battle.
The food trucks lined up as if they were getting ready for battle to be the victor. As I walked through the fairgrounds, looking at the inventive and amusing ways the food trucks were displayed with their logos and mascots, one could appreciate the outstanding efforts being made by all.
The burgers weren’t the only thing out in the park this weekend. The tables and tents had plenty to offer from our local community businesses.
I notice couples and families walking around, some with their pets, under a beautiful blue sky, with billowing white clouds resembling cotton candy.
Whether you call them Sliders, Mini, or Baby burgers, they had every kind to taste. You name it, and they had it.
This event was part of the Children’s Hunger Project. The Space Coast Burger Battle had a lot of volunteers at the event, and they helped make it happen in a big way. Also, the cooperation with the Craft Fair Marketplace features local businesses, crafters, artists, and live music, again a most outstanding presentation.
While enjoying the day, listening to the great music, and surrounded by burgers, french fries, and soft serve ice cream, I could only believe I must be in a Mini burger paradise.
I will be looking forward to next year’s Space Coast Burger Battle and hope you can join me for a burger!
Out And About By Frank Taniyo
Frank Taniyo has been a photographer for 20-plus years. Among my work are nature photography, street art, food images, and still work for documentaries.

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