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Brandy Crisafulli founder of Life Recaptured, has always had a heart for hurting women, she has worked for the last twenty years helping women who needed physical and mental healing, but until her younger sister who had been a victim of sex-trafficking was taken from this life did Brandy realize that she needed to do something to help these women who are entrapped escape the grasp of their traffickers. Brandy and her husband Chuck set out to establish a non-profit organization to work toward this end, the result is Life Recaptured, Inc.

Life Recaptured has been in existence for over four years and has been overwhelmed by the generosity of our community, as we opened our Upscale Boutique at 5515 N. Courtenay Pkwy, Merritt Island, Fl. 32953. The Boutique helps to sustain the day to day operating expenses of our safe houses, these are homes where our survivors heal, live, learn and readjust to society after being hurt so terribly by the scourge of sex-trafficking. Life Recaptured offers a multi-faceted approach to show our girls God’s love and give them the attention that will heal them from the inside out and re-integrate them into society, Life Recaptured will stay beside them for life to help them through any situation. The beautiful furniture, paintings, décor, and upscale clothing in our store is all donated, we are constantly amazed at the benevolence of our local residents and even many that have joined in the help around the country and abroad. We have received volunteer work, donations and financial help from so many wonderful supporters, companies such as Home Depot, Cocoa First Assembly, and many other churches, non-profits organizations like Bikers Against Trafficking and community minded organizations across the United States. Life Recaptured is also supported and assisted by the Brevard County Sheriff Department and Sheriff Wayne Ivey, county and Florida State judges, attorneys, and Governor Ron DeSantis and his Faith and Community Florida task force, and a host of other individuals and organizations.

The Life Recaptured Plan is detailed on our website,, briefly, we have a three phase approach to helping our young ladies to “recapture” their lives that were stolen by sex-trafficking. The homes are not barracks but are beautiful homes in which the ladies can begin, to feel their self-worth and build their self-esteem on their road to recovery. Brandy and her husband Chuck owner of Crisafulli Groves, will have a U-Pick Farm behind the store on N. Courtenay Pkwy. that will be a family friendly garden offering organically grown citrus and other fruit, vegetables, and berries. This farm is another method of generating funds for Life Recaptured to support the homes. Chuck will also make possible at each home, citrus and other fruit trees and vegetable gardens that the residents themselves will have the option of working to grow their own food, which is really farmed to table, but also therapeutic for the ladies to be out in the fresh air and sunshine and to be proud of and see the literal fruits of their labor on the dinner table every night.

Life Recaptured is growing and has been blessed beyond measure but we need your help! We already have more ladies than we can house and need funds and land to build more homes, to pay the bills, and to hire full-time personnel, as everyone here even Brandy is still on a volunteer basis, our safe homes require trained personnel to operate and we desperately need women to help us in every area. You can reach us by phone at the Boutique by calling 321-877-0077, by emailing Brandy at, on Facebook at Life Recaptured Inc, or going directly to our website, to donate or reach out to us.



Please find it in your heart to help us in any way possible,

from Brandy and Chuck Crisafulli, thank you, and may God bless you.