Prescriptions Simplified

Remembering when, how often, and how much of a medication to take can be confusing.  More often than not, more than one medication is prescribed at one time.  Taking medications incorrectly or forgetting to take them altogether can lead to other health problems.  There is also the worry of medication interactions.  At Acquaviva’s Pharmacy, we can help remedy this situation through use of our FastPak EXP machine.

PharmacySometimes known as “compliance packaging,” our FastPak machine will place up to four medications in an individual packet and label each with a patient name, date, and time medications should be taken, along with the medications’ name, strength, and quantity.  When used in a nursing home environment, this system cuts down and nearly eliminates medication errors.  It also reduces the amount of time nurses and medical technicians spend administering medications and allow more time to better service and care for patients.

Compliance packaging is not just for nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  We also package medications for individuals who live at home.  Compliance packaging gives family members great peace of mind knowing medications are clearly labeled and easily accessed—no more fumbling with vial lids or questioning if medications are being taken as prescribed by the physician.  If there is ever a medication change made by the physician, we simply pick up the remaining packets and remove discontinued medications or add new medications.  We also offer unit dose blister card packaging which clearly shows how many tablets or capsules remain, thus making it easy to know when to reorder.

medsBenefits of FastPak Packaging:

  • Easier to remember to take the correct medication at the right time

  • Prescription medications and vitamins can be packaged

  • Medications are organized by name, date, and time

  • Medications that should not be taken together are not packaged together

  • Eliminates the need for cumbersome daily reminder boxes

  • Bold, easy-to-read labels and easy-to-open tear pouches

  • Pouches are convenient for day or overnight trips

  • Convenient for organizing  medications in an assisted living facility or in the home

  • Peace of mind for the patient and family

Acquaviva logoStop by Acquaviva’s Pharmacy and our friendly staff will show you our FastPak machine and what it can do for you and your family!  We are located at : 1555 Port Malabar Blvd. Palm Bay, FL 32905 321-725-7188


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