Platy Multimedia presents the release of the book “Just Like My Dad”

Parents everywhere are experiencing the distance from their children and their activities. Just Like My Dad is a book that focuses on the plight of children being compared to the mannerisms of their parents. This book explores all sides of how this comparison can have an effect on a child. It is a book that focuses on the feelings of children, but can also be a great teaching moment for parents. Just Like My Dad can be beneficial for the two-parent home and homes that are led by single parents.

Many parents struggle with how to start a productive dialog with their children. Just Like My Dad helps to create this dialog and encourage children to feel comfortable about talking to their parents. The book also enlightens parents on the signs to look for when their children begin to demonstrate signs of becoming detached from the family.

Just Like My Dad is available online everywhere. This book will invite conversation to help children and their parents to learn more about each other. When a child engages in reading, their thinking and learning capabilities expand beyond what can be measured. Our goal is to help children get back to reading casually while separating themselves from the world of the Internet and video games. Children should be able to open up a good dialog with their parents and recapture the art of physically reading a book. Just Like My Dad will change lives and close the gap between parents and children. This will help to change the psyche of society and bridge the generational gap that exists in society.



Elizabeth M. Johnson, is a Brooklyn, New York native, Elizabeth Johnson is a break-out author with a very promising writing career ahead of her. Signed with PlaTy Multimedia & Publishing, Elizabeth is introducing her first work to the world of children’s books on April 16, 2021. Her debut title, Just Like my Dad, is co-authored with the already well-established author, Tyrell Plair.

Elizabeth’s resume boasts an Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education, an Associate of Arts in General Education, and she is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management.



Tyrell Plair, born in the windy city of Chicago, Illinois, Tyrell Plair took an interest in reading and writing at a young age, which led him to begin writing poetry for his classmates. Over the years, Tyrell honed his skills as a writer by ghostwriting novels, penning screenplays, and adding film-directing to his repertoire.

In 2019 Tyrell released his debut novel “Stolen Innocence” as an independent author. He has also written and produced commercials for “Outrageous Love Foundation,” “L&J Multicultural Barbershop,” and other film projects.

PlaTy Multimedia and Publishing was the creative idea of the company’s CEO, Mr. Tyrell Plair. He first founded the entity in 2018. Shortly after, he carefully chose a team of elite professionals from across the country to assist with developing his vision. He then shared with his team that his goal was to create a company that:

 made it affordable for anyone to publish
 made it easy for aspiring writers to choose the options that best suit their needs
 provided coaching for clients that need a helping hand along the way, to make their writing and
publishing processes run as smoothly as possible
 and provides an A+ standard of professionalism for all its clients; not just those that are willing to spend
big because every client matters.
From there. PlaTY Multimedia and Publishing was born.

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Just Like My Dad / $14.99 / 59 pages /  ISBN: 978-1-7369686-0-4
Front cover illustrated by Nicholas Badila