Part Time Work from Home Gigs and Where to Apply By Ani Sharad

Virtual Assistant

The advent of high-speed Internet has given birth to an array of remote home-based gigs. These gigs are ideal for students, stay at home parents, and even retirees. While setting their own hours, one can earn a respectable part-time income. Here’s an overview of five gigs to apply to today.

Virtual Assistant

Assistants make our life easy by saving valuable time. They take mundane tasks like setting up appointments, replying to emails, data entry, etc. off our hands. But let’s face it – not everyone needs or can afford a full-time assistant. However, thanks to on-demand gig economy, everyone can now hire an assistant that handles tasks remotely. There is no commitment, and the client is charged per task. This value proposition has given birth to a booming virtual assistant industry. Virtual assistant companies – listed below – act as a liaison between assistants and clients. Assistants are virtually assigned to various tasks and paid upon successful completion of work. No special training or skills are required to get hired. Additionally, in most cases, work is available 24 x 7. So, assistants can work as much or as little as they like. Most virtual assistants are paid $10 – $20 / hr., depending on the task.
Where to apply: FancyHands.Com, BelaySolutions.Com, Smith.Ai, TimeEtc.Com, and Boldly.Com

Search Engine Evaluator

With 3.5 billion searches performed daily, Google Search remains the most visited site in the world. Yahoo and Bing are not too far behind. So, search engines strive to present us with the most accurate and relevant results. Contrary to popular belief, “clever” algorithms do not accomplish this. It is accomplished by humans – known as search engine evaluators. Every day these evaluators manually go through millions of searches performed on the Internet. They assign ratings and provide feedback. Search engines use these ratings and feedback to improve their results. So, there is a constant demand for search engine evaluators. A basic understanding of the Internet and knowledge of current pop culture is the underlying requirements for getting hired. Search engine evaluators earn $1K – $1.5K / mo. part-time.

Where to apply: Appen.Com and LionBridge.Com

Online English Teacher

English is primarily the foreign language in 94 countries around the world. It is the language of business, instruction, and even the Internet. English, therefore, remains vital for business and education. Close to a billion people globally speak English but only one third are native speakers of the language. So, it is hardly a surprise that there is a growing demand for native English speakers. Online English teachers teach English to non-native speakers residing locally or in foreign countries via video. Pay is about $25/hr., and some companies may require a bachelor’s degree. This gig is ideal for retired or working teachers looking to supplement their income.

Where to apply: VIPkid.Com, Skooli.Com, Cambly.Com, EnglishFirst.Com, and EnglishuntUSA.Com

Freelance Writer

From local news publications to large web portals – everyone needs fresh, good quality content. Freelance writers are ideal to fulfill this need since they work on per job basis. Writers are paid based on words, with the average pay being $25 per 500 words. Depending on the publication, the figure

can be a lot higher. The best approach is to create a niche and write accordingly. So, for e.g., if you have a great sense of humor, write jokes for Cracked.Com and earn $250. Or, if you are a search engine optimization (SEO) expert, you can be a SEO writer. The more versatile you are, the better. Freelance writers with a writing portfolio are preferred for most high paying gigs.

Where to apply: Contena.Co, Contently.Net, Constant-Content.Com, TextBroker.Com, and ProBlobber.Com.

Mystery Shopper

Yes, it’s a real thing! In fact, every major corporation – from a fast-food chain to a cruise liner.
– recruits an army of mystery shoppers. These sleuths pose as customers and evaluate an establishment. These evaluations help companies make improvements and better their services. Mystery shoppers enjoy a wide array of freebies including meals at upscale restaurants, vacation stays at hotels, groceries, trial products, and more. Furthermore, most mystery shoppers are compensated for their time – pay depending on gig. Mystery shopping is, however, plagued with scams. So, avoid any company that charges a fee to hire you as a mystery shopper.

Where to apply: BestMark.Com, MarketForce.Com, SecretShopper.Com, and SinclairCustomerMetrics.Com



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