One Community, ‘One Health First’



Brevard’s Local Healthcare System Embraces Shift that Addresses Customers’ Unique Needs, Tailoring Care Unique to Each Person

Whether making a retail purchase online or dealing with a business in person, customers have grown to expect to get what they want, on their terms.

That’s the future Health First is working toward.

Health First is embracing this consumer-driven shift and is leading the way in delivering the health care that patients and the community need – and deserve. Ever-advancing technology continues to not only help healthcare organizations do this, but do it in a way that’s tailored to each individual patient.

From this comes a new vision for the Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) – One Health First.

It’s about you, the care you need, the variety of methods in how we deliver that care, and the community of which we’re all a part.

We strive to do this because we feel strongly – We are One. We are Brevard.

During the next 5 to 10 years, expect health care to morph into an experience that is unique to each patient. Having an IDN that connects all the segments of your health care helps streamline it. When hospitals, care providers, health plans and outpatient services converge, you get what you need more quickly. It also allows these providers to coordinate the multiple aspects of your care.

We’re also dedicated to making each experience you have with Health First a wonderful one.

One Health First will harness evolving technology, which we’ve already folded into our existing services. HF Now online check-in and scheduling services allow patients to book same-day appointments at a time and facility – either an Emergency Department or Urgent Care center – that works for them.

Telehealth services will also continue to expand, with patients having the ability not only to communicate with their care team through patient portal messaging, but through virtual visits via video chat.

Health First has been a part of Brevard County for more than 80 years. We’ve seen our share of changes – and have utilized them to improve our IDN and community. The purchase and integration of MIMA in February 2013 with Health First Physicians – now Health First Medical Group – illustrates our dedication and success. Interlinking all of these services only enhances and accelerates care for patients.