Local Christian Author Susie Michaels announcing Her New Book : Watering Harvest, The Treasure He Is



Friendship, Faith and Fellowship: 9781490841991_COVER.indd

“Watering Harvest” Has it All !


Christian author Susie Michaels is pleased to announce the release of her rousing new book, “Watering Harvest.”

This inspirational book is the lighthearted stirring tale of three fishermen discerning the treasure within, and sharing amazing truths about the nature of their relationships with God.

“Watering Harvest” is an upbeat journey of discovery into the human heart, where Harvest learns the valuable lessons of faith and the priceless nature of God’s love.

Born and raised in the Foothills of East Tennessee, Michael’s own life journey has brought her far, and she is quick to credit her success to God and the “Treasure He Is inside her.”

“This is an exciting release for me,” said “Watering Harvest” author, Susie Michaels.  “In these trying times, we all need to embrace the Treasure of God living in each of us, and I know that this book will share that message with every reader.”

Released by the strategic self-publishing alliance of world’s premiere Christian Publisher, Thomas Nelson, WestBow Press, and Author Solutions Inc., a leader in one of fastest growing segments in the writers market, “Watering Harvest” delivers a timely and uplifting message that transcends age, culture and nationality to inspire Christian readers, enlighten anyone’s search for God and entertain all.

After 5-years of intensive research and soul searching, Michaels is set to deliver a powerful affirmation of faith that flows like water from each page into the hearts and minds of readers.

“Water is mentioned more than 600 times in the Bible,” Michaels said.  “That doesn’t include the power messages contained in passages of rain, seas, springs and brooks.  The water that Jesus turned to wine has significant purpose.  This purpose and the significance of how our faith flows and how it can be drawn upon has inspired this story.”

Watering Harvest” calls readers to discover and to cherish “The Treasure He Is,” and feel the fulfillment and profound joy of sharing the Treasure.

This is a story ideal to share with Christian fellowships, friends searching more meaning or strangers learning to live God’s path for the first time.  It is ideal for readers of all ages.  Adults quickly realize the revitalizing strength of “Watering Harvest,” while young readers find inspiration in the characters and the hopeful way they share their faith.



For information, call Susie Michaels at (321)258-4227 or e-mail to susiemichaels@wateringharvest.com To order “Watering Harvest” Click on the cover picture above.