Join the Movement to Create Confident Kids To Eliminate Bullying this June 15th 2015

If you are tired of hearing that bullying in schools is on the rise rather than declining, so was I. I was feed up with bullying statistics going up instead of down. 4,400 kids dying each year due to bullying is 4,400 too many. 160,000 children a day miss school rather than face the bully. Why the bullying incidents are soaring rather than declining despite all the legislation and suspensions is because “What you resist persists.”

confident kidsThe cutting edge, innovative approach to eliminate bullying that I propose is based on what Martin Luther King, Mandela, Gandhi, and Mother Theresa did to change the world. We need to align our focus on creating what we want – Confident Kids – rather than on what we don’t want – Bullying.

We cannot control students from saying or doing what ever it is that they want to do in a moment, anymore than you can control the rain. God knows we have tried.  But you can teach student on how to prepare for the rain of words and actions of the bully just like we can carry an umbrella to stay dry.

By teaching students to identify their Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs), and teachers to describe their students’ behavior using their TAGs, children get convinced in how fabulous they are as we TAG Kids for Success™.  Both the bully and bullied realize their power lies within and not from outside physical or verbal abuse. They discover that they both just want to be accepted just as they are and have friends and enjoy school.

Once the bullied child honors and values their TAGs, then no matter who says what to them or posts on Facebook, they can remember who they are. It is only in believing the bully that we are hurt. Together, we can TAG Kids for Success ™ and Create Confident Kids to Eliminate Bullying.

The innovative classroom strategies that I propose will decrease absenteeism and behavior problems and increase grades and cooperation. By creating confident kids, we can eliminate bullying and have greater harmony in the classroom so that teachers can spend more time doing what they love, teaching. Kids can feel safe to come to school and focus on what they love, learning.

Marty WardCome Join The Movement to Create Confident Kids to Eliminate Bullying this coming June 15th from 6-8pm. Dinner and wine will be provided. To join the meeting you must call Marty Ward at 321-848-4997 to reserve your spot and get directions. For more information please go to :