Job Search Support: Being Organized / By Alan Bernstein, President and Chief Human Resource Consultant of HR Office Savers, Inc.

Success in your quest to find the job of your dreams depends a great deal on your ability to be organized. You must know each day what it is you need to do in order to gain the next interview that could open the door to the opportunity you are seeking. Your time and resources are limited and you must maintain both motivation and organization in your effort to gain employment.


Being on time is a highly important habit to have in the business world.

Delivery services, transportation services, emergency response units and many other workers face serious and life-threatening consequences if they are not on time. A plane that does not arrive on time can cause hundreds of people to miss appointments and business opportunities in the community.

Punctuality and the ability to meet deadlines is one of the distinguishing characteristics of successful people in the workforce.

Pro-Tip: Keep both a calendar and a list for each day to help keep you on track toward your goal.


One of the biggest obstacles in the way of your success is discouragement. At the heart of discouragement lies self-doubt.

The truth is – you can do this! It does not come easy in many cases. It does require work. You need to take a chance and overcome your fears.

Every time you hear no, say NEXT! If you keep searching, you will find the job your skills and abilities match. The only way you won’t is if you quit looking.

Pro-Tip: Every “no” is a step closer to “yes”!


Good manners go a long way in making a good impression on a potential employer.

Make proper eye contact. Say please and thank you during the interview. Use good posture by sitting up properly in the chair during the interview. Write thank you notes to those who have been helpful and encouraging in the job search process. All these habits can build your image as a person of success.

Pro-tip: Remember to turn off your phone or set your ringer to vibrate during the interview process.

In Conclusion:

Organization comes in several forms. Whether it is properly filing documentation or being on time for a task, this characteristic is a crucial skill to your success. Keeping a positive attitude will help you with your skill development.

Alan is the owner of HR Office Savers, Inc., an independent human resource consulting firm that supports small local businesses and individuals with their human resource needs, including staffing, compliance, and job search. Prior to launching his business, Alan held a series of Human Resource positions of increased responsibility at Harris Corporation, Honeywell International, GTSI Corp, and Verizon Wireless.  Alan holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from The University of Buffalo, is Six Sigma Green Belt Certified, and is a Senior Certified Professional with the Society of Human Resource Management.HR Office Savers offers a full range of human resource support options, from employee relations to termination, including performance improvement plans and progressive discipline policies. Contact us today at positive and sustained employment for both workers and employers!