Is a grain-free diet right for your pet ?

  Grain Free Pet Foods The potential benefits of grain and gluten-free diets are a trendy topic of discussion in the grocery aisle today. But pet owners often have similar questions about whether these diets are right for their cats or dogs. Michele Dixon, a health and nutrition specialist with Petcurean, gives us some important facts before removing grains from your pet’s diet. Petcurean is a Canadian company with expertise in premium quality recipes for dogs and cats. Consider the following:

* While food allergies can sometimes be related to a grain-based protein, such as corn or wheat, it is often a source of meat protein that causes the allergic reaction.

* If you suspect your pet has a specific grain allergy, immediate elimination of all grains from your pet’s diet is not necessary.

* When they are ground and moderately cooked, grains can be a quick and excellent source of highly digestible energy for your pet. Dogs and cats do not digest raw starches or whole grains very well.

* Pet owners who are looking to eliminate grains from their pet’s food as part of a low-carb diet should be aware that a grain-free diet doesn’t necessarily mean it is low in carbohydrates. Other types of carbohydrates, such as potatoes, tapioca, or peas, might be included in the recipe. So knowing what to look for is very important.

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