Divorce & Life-Transition’s Coach


Marvis Matarozzo Divorce & Life-Transition’s Coach

As a certified divorce coach, I meet clients at one of the worst times of their lives.

And, as a divorce coach, I can help you to be a better client for your attorney and make you more credible to the judge so that you have a better outcome.

I will help you to get un-stuck from the story of your divorce. I am your thinking partner so you will avoid some of the minefields and emotions of divorce. Walking with you on this new journey, we can discover your interests and goals; your creativity; and your self-worth so you will be proud of your accomplishments.

I do not advocate divorce, but I do know it takes courage to end a bad relationship.

Here’s a hard statistic I want to share with you: 40-50% of first marriages end in divorce and 65-80% of second marriages end in divorce! If you don’t fix the pattern, you keep repeating it. Add to that the relationships we never fixed; with children, ex’s, in-laws and all extended family members, and it’s easy to understand why there is such a failure to make it work. We all know someone who has been divorced, going thru a divorce or contemplating it.

Workplace productivity goes down by 70% in some instances, not just affecting the person experiencing it, but everyone he works with. Companies lose billions of dollars a year.

This is where a divorce coach can help. I will work with you to get through the divorce process, get back into the workforce and most importantly, back into life!

I have referrals for other professionals you may need on your journey, and as your champion, we will get things done. You’ll be shouting, “Look out life, here I come!”

Now, whether you are still in the “should I or shouldn’t I divorce” stage, going through a divorce, or ready to move on from divorce, I am trained to help you thru the process. I do not give legal advice, but I can help you prepare the questions you will have for your attorney. You will avoid unreasonable behavior; prevent unreasonable expectations and save money. Attorneys are hourly employees, they are not therapists, and much of what they do is invisible. Nagging you for important documents, being late for appointments, conflict resolution and other bad behaviors cost you money. Many people drop their attorney rather than ask the questions to clear up misunderstandings, and that equals—More Money.

STOP losing money. Become a better client, be your best self and be a great co-parent for your children’s sake.

The American Bar Association defines divorce coaching as “a flexible, goal-orientated process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going thru divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns.”

I’m sure you don’t want your children to be caught in the crosshairs of your divorce. Your children deserve to love both parents.

Our 60-90 minute- FREE –discovery session will help you to prioritize your thoughts and questions and you can decide from there how you want to proceed. It’s your story and you get to tell it any way you want.

Marvis Matarozzo

Matarozzo Divorce & Life-Transition’s Coach