As Our World Continues to Turn / by Angela Bozorth,

by Angela Bozorth,

When I was a young child I remember my babysitter would watch a soap opera called “As the World Turns”.   Several years later, on a holiday break my mother and I were watching television when that very show came on.  I was surprised when Mom told me she used to keep up with her favorite show the best she could for a working girl until real life became more dramatic than the plot twists on the show.

That is when most of us realize we are grown-ups.  When reality is complicated and not neatly wrapped up in a single episode like on tv.  That life changes and life changes who we are.  We as a world are beginning a new phase now.  A phase of self-awareness in order to maintain our physical as well as our economic health.  Of course, it is normal to reminisce about the good old days but make no mistake those days are history. What we must remember is the future belongs to the brave and the strong.

Think back to the turn of the twentieth century.  Most of us weren’t around to experience it in person but 60% of our ancestors either lived on a family farm that supported them or at least in a nearby rural area and they went to a church where everybody knew their name.  Contrast that a century later and those figures are less than 10%.  Yet there isn’t just one answer as to why.

The 19th century may have been safe and secure but life and death tended to revolve around the small community of close friends and family.  The twentieth century roared in with massive turbulence including wars and disease and economic calamity; however, it also brought about opportunities for travel outside of one’s own comfort zone, thinking outside the box, and challenging the norms.

As a result we confirmed our first black Supreme Court Justice, elected a Catholic President, and put a man on the moon.  We also created vaccines, artificial intelligence, artificial hearts… and the list goes on. I am sure at the dawn of the twentieth century our ancestors’ heads were spinning yet all most wanted to do was stay the same…wear their modest clothing, ride in horse and buggy and live the quiet, simple life.  However, the world had picked up its pace and was turning faster.  People had two choices, evolve or die. And history tells us what choice they made.  Most of them, anyway.

Now as we step out into that Vast Unknown, the Future; maybe we can be guided less by familiarity and more by Faith.  For example, if you miss that connection of practicing Faith in a communal house of worship, ask how you can exercise your faith.  Perhaps, helping someone in your community less fortunate who has lost their job, who has little or no money to buy food for themselves or their children.  Perhaps you are technically gifted. Maybe you could set up a CHAT room for people struggling with loneliness, mental health or substance abuse issues.

Finally, as we are at the dawn of summertime here on the Space Coast I have a couple of Vacation Ideas for our new world: (1) why not combine historically interesting yet off the beaten path places?  These “historic hot spots” can be both educational for the kids (and nerdy grown-up’s like me) as well as less crowded than theme parks or beaches. 2) Due to the virus, outdoor 2020 is GOOD!  So why not look for day trips close to home that save money  ( such as ziplining, canoeing).

So stay healthy and stay safe.  You don’t have to have all the answers. Just be open and willing to participate in this new future of ours as our world continues to turn.


Angela Bozorth, CCJAP/CSAC/ACA
Certified Substance abuse counselor in FL and NC.  She can be reached at (321) 506-2765 for more information on substance abuse groups and family support groups call or email at