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“Obstacles are necessary for success because in selling, as in all careers of importance, victory comes only after many struggles and countless defeats.”

–Og Mandino

Selling is tough.

Its super tough regardless of what people tell you. Everyone is a sales man. Friends are selling there ideas you. You are selling ideas to them. The movies we watch, the music we listen to are all voice trying to tell us how to think and how to respond. So, we you are speaking to a new potential client. They have already been sold too. They already have a opinion of the results you can give them. You can set up all your pricing structures, you can build a great value for a client but at the end of the day none of that matters if you dont understand the need. You will never stand a chance.

This is tricky when it comes to the web.

Some clients have massive needs.

  • 250,000 in online sales
  • CRM that has a easy to use database
  • Lead Generation Tracking
  • Clear easily updated message
  • Various Social Media Exposure

Others just want to get there message out in a clean in nice way.

  • Simple Website
  • Clean Message

When we look at a client. We not only need to figure out there needs now but what they need in the future. We have to figure out a fair price that can address the clients need. Its because of this that i dont sell in a box. I dont sell a client a package


  • 5 pages
  • Web Hosting
  • Slide Show
  • Social Media Intergration

PRICED AT $600.00

I dont price that way because it doesn’t address a clients needs. I also tend to not do ongoing contracts. This costs me lots of money sometimes but it allows me to grow with the company. If i do my job right we will both grow and get to the next level together.

So, how do we address this? How do we figure out a clients needs?

1) Know were the client came from –

Did you get them from a referral? Did you get them as a lead off your website. How did they find you will give you hints of how they have been sold too in the past. This helps you figure out the realtionship you have with this client.

2) Give clients Active Listening-

Be honest. How much of problem is the fact that you’re not retaining the information your client is already giving you? They speak and you are so focused on the sale that you dont remember what they said because you are trying to tell them what they want to here. Not only is that a issue with morality its also means that you arent trying to help your client properly.

In many cases, the problem lies not with our failure to get the prospect to talk, it’s with our failure to actively listen to what the client is saying. Active listening is not easy. It takes effective persuaders a long time to master this skill. However, once you become a good listener, you will get the information you need and be able to build a greater result.

3) What’s Their Vision-

One of the best ways to understand your clients is to find out what their vision is. Try to find out where they want to be and what they’re hoping to accomplish. See how you can tie into there vision and become part of it.

If it’s a B2B customer, where are they trying to take their business? What goals have they set for its growth?

If it’s a B2C customer, find out what they might hope to achieve with your product or service. What are theirgoals.

It’s easy to focus only on what the customer might need in the present. This is a mistake. You need to find out where they want to be, and what’s keeping them from getting there. This is what will enable you to help them.

4) Their Expectations-

If there are specific areas where their existing website is failing or out-of-date? Has social media worked for them? Do they have even a little bit of marketing sense? Make sure that you have an understanding of specifically how they expect the new website or product to improve their business. Expectations are a huge factor in determining their level of satisfaction with your work, so it’s critical that you know exactly what is expected of you and the end result of the project in order to satisfy the client.

5) Confirm your understanding-

Often overlooked, the simple act of confirming that you understand now fully what they were trying to say is the final step in the process. By doing this you reassure them that you have a full understanding of their needs, and show them the respect and attention they deserve. Make sure that you can give them a clear understanding of your plan to address there needs.

In conclusion, It sounds simple but build a relationship with your clients. I have found that every client that i have ever lost is because i failed to maintain the relationship. It wasn’t that i did a bad job. It wasn’t that i let them down. Its because i didn’t maintain the relationship. Your clients should be continued to be groomed and worked with to help them and yourself succeed.

Travis Gibb

 Effex Agency

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