This Week’s Melbourne Regional Chamber & Spotlight Magazine Business Is : Future Problem Solving Program International

WEEK-artThis week’s Spotlight Business is Future Problem Solving Program International! Nationally founded in 1974 and brought to Melbourne in 2005, FPS teaches students “how to think, not what to think” so they can “design and promote positive futures through problem solving using critical and creative thinking.” Every school in Brevard County involves Future Problem Solving in their programs in some way. FPS provides competitive and noncompetitive ways for students to learn “skills to overcome obstacles or barriers when confronting challenges.” Participants range from grad 4-12 and students focus on various issues facing the world from local and global perspectives.  FPS participants build relationships, learn how to collaborate, and learn essential critical and creative thinking skills that set them apart from other students. FPS wants to partner with more local businesses, connect with leaders in the community, and build more partnerships! FPS students are thinking about the future… And helping make it a little brighter!

Article provided by Abby Sanders / Events and Communications Intern / Melbourne Regional Chamber