The Joys of Spring / By: Angela Bozorth

As I enjoy walking through my neighborhood and seeing the tiny green buds peering high above me on majestically swaying trees I am reminded that we do have our own unique spring here in sunny- all- year-long Florida.  Though we may not have the dramatic winter thaw with months of Mother Nature’s chaos ranging from one day of summertime-like sunshine and heat followed the next day with wild winds ushering in several inches of snow that cover the newly bloomed baby daffodils. No, Florida’s spring may not be as dramatic but we still celebrate the reawakening of our beautiful earth as well as the joys of spring.

First, Spring brings about a mystical air that inspires many of us to reconnect with our spiritual side.  We seem to have an almost primal urge to worship our creator after a long cold winter.  For thousands of years, many cultures, including our own pagan ancestors enjoyed spring with a holiday called Ostara.  Theirs was an agrarian society and their lives depended upon the crops they grew and the livestock they raised.  They did worship multiple deities in an attempt to help them have a safe planting and harvesting as well as to help their understanding of the wild, untamed time and place in which they lived.  Even today with our modern Easter, the symbols of bunny rabbits and Easter eggs are an homage to those old beliefs and as Christianity was eventually introduced to the pagans as a concession to their old customs Ostara became Easter.

This is not meant to be a piece on theological history; rather how we can be inspired to be our best and highest selves through our faith.  This is part of spirituality-religion and it is one of the main points that separates us from other creatures that roam the earth.  Rather, we aspire to be better, to do better, and to better understand how our faith can truly transform our own lives as well as the lives of countless others we touch.

Springtime also inspires us to start anew.  For example, we have all heard of spring cleaning.  Now is a wonderful time for us to “audit and edit” our home and work spaces and methodically go through each room of our home, clean and disinfect thoroughly, then throw the dirty water outside. Now take the time to methodically edit your belongings.  Either tag items to keep, to donate/give to friends or family, or to sell.  In the end, you should feel freer, lighter, and more productive in your spaces as well as have a few dollars you can then use for any fresh purchases such as candles or framed art.

Another fun springtime project is to plant seeds and watch them grow!  This can also become a great metaphor for other parts of our lives because if we plant a few pots, some will inevitably do well, some will produce average results and some will not yield any flowers or plants at all.  This is important for us to remember for ourselves but an even better project to undertake with the children in our lives.  Not only does it teach about nature but also about the life lesson of “We are responsible for the effort, not the outcome.”  We can do our best, but sometimes things out of our control happen.  At the end of the day,  we can only control ourselves and our actions and that is where our faith comes into play.  If we have an abiding trust in God and His wisdom, then we should be filled with a sense of joy that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing, we are where we are supposed to be, and with who we are supposed to be with.

As I finish this piece, I am reminded of the old hymn, “It is Well With My Soul”.  The 1873 Horatio Spafford song’s first verse is powerful…” When peace like a river attendeth my way;

When sorrows like sea billows roll;  Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say,

It is well, it is well with my soul.”

As the timeless wheel of nature turns once again to reveal this glorious new season, let’s put the cold dark days of winter behind us and embrace the promise and the joy of spring.

Till Next Time,

Angela Bozorth, is a certified substance abuse counselor in Florida and NC. Email at