The independent film scene is alive and well in Brevard

Local filmmaker Greg St. Pierre gears up for his next short comedy, Save the Mosquitoes.

In 2012 Greg’s directorial debut PIZZA garnered Best Comedy at the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival.

“We had a lot of fun making that. Basically, it was pizza delivery filmed in the style of FOX’s TV series COPS,” Greg laughs. “I hadn’t expected to win but the audience thought it was hysterical and that felt pretty good. Later that night a couple writers from the Adult Swim TV network approached me and said they loved my film.” He adds, “I definitely couldn’t have done it without my film partner and good friend Phil Lister and a great cast and crew who were willing to roll with a really crazy premise.”

The filmmaker now turns his attention to an even crazier premise: an organization of well-meaning but misquided people who feel the mosquito has gotten a raw deal. They call their group P.E.T.M. — People for the Ethical Treatment of Mosquitoes. They use various methods to raise public awareness with predictably dismal results.

While Greg is reluctant to reveal too much, he thinks the script for Save The Mosquitoes! is better than his previous work. “It’s funnier, with bigger locations and a larger cast,” he says. “That means a greater expenditure, so to offset the cost we’ve started a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo.”

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Once the film is complete Greg plans to submit to numerous film festivals. “Exposure is a good thing for all participants in projects like this. Many are first-time actors or crew and you never know when the process might lead them to bigger and better things. Whatever function we serve on a film project, it’s always educational.”

Greg and his team plan to begin pre-production soon and will be holding auditions. For updates and information join the Save the Mosquitoes Facebook page.