The Burger Inn, our Friend For 70 Years / Courtesy of Out And About, by Frank Taniyo

The Burger Inn is owned by Mike Mauro who bought the landmark 10 years ago. Mike works with his wife and children dishing up some of the best burgers in the area.

We now live at a time when you can use an app on your phone and have someone drop off food on the floor next to your door, but you miss out on the experience of the service at The Burger Inn.

In 1952 this gem opened for business– to put that in perspective, it was two years before Elvis Presley became famous. I loved seeing the classic cars, which are showcased frequently, all around the building; it made me think of what it must have been like all of those years ago.

A large chain restaurant can use a gimmick like carhops to give the impression that it’s an original, but that’s not the case here. They had carhops in the 1950s and that hasn’t changed; walk up or drive up you will enjoy your time here.

As I talked to Mike what impressed me the most was that it was all about friends, family, and food with him. I noticed the signs around the place and painted on a car as well that said: Eat Local and I believe that we should do that as often as possible.

Stop by and enjoy a meal, you might even make friends with the Mauro family and the staff. Thank you for 70 years of friendship in our community.

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