Tapping into Our God-given Potential

 by Kimberly Ruoff, CCM: Together, doing life Right!  

Many couples love to experience an evening out at a fine dining restaurant. With reservations made, they arrive and are quickly guided by the maître d to their seats. The ambience of the evening is perfect, from the eloquently decorated table and low lighting, to the relaxing, soft background music. After introductions, the waiter or waitress graciously hands each person a menu. This menu offers a comprehensive list of everything the restaurant has to offer, from appetizers to desserts. Next, the server begins to highlight the evening’s dinner specials. Usually, in such an environment, the waiter/waitress has sampled most of the entrée’s and therefore, is well prepared to answer any questions one might have.

But imagine this: After driving to their destiny, being seated at a beautifully decorated dinner table and handed a fine menu by an experienced, well-mannered and well-informed server, the couple skims the selections only to lay down their menus, stand, turn, and leave the restaurant, still hungry and unsatisfied.

“If we live by the Spirit, let us walk by the Spirit.” (Galatians 5:25 NKJV)

Too many Christ followers treat the Holy Spirit in the same manner. They have confessed with their mouth, “Jesus is Lord” and believe in their heart God raised Him from the dead (Romans 10:9), but choose to go no further in their Christian walk. They fail to experience the full potential God has placed upon their hearts.

Maybe soon after their confession of faith, such Christians received a copy of God’s Word, filled with comprehensive promises for all who belong to Jesus. They may have Christian friends who have experienced the power and presence of Jesus over a much longer period of time. And because they have tasted and seen God’s goodness, these Christian friends are more experienced and well informed to answer any potential questions. But not to far into reading God’s Word, for whatever reason, a number of Christ followers lay the Word down, turn, and walk away. Sadly, they then often wonder why they lack spiritual power and strength. Spiritually, they don’t feel fully satisfied. What they fail to realize is they were designed to do life with God, to be led by the Spirit of God.

The degree to which you and I yield to the Holy Spirit impacts the work God achieves in and through us to advance His Kingdom. The Holy Spirit lives within each believer. His role is comprehensive, but we will never get to experience Him fully until we follow His lead and tap into our God-given potential.

If you and I are going to live by the Spirit, let us walk each and every day by the Spirit. We will then savor the goodness of the Lord as we taste and see that He is good! (Psalm 34:8)