Springtime Air Conditioner Tuneups

Spring is just around the corner in Florida and with it, the warmer weather we’re all familiar with. Though this winter has been unusually cool, soon enough we will all be turning our air conditioners back on to protect us through the sweltering heat of Florida summers. But have you thought about how hard your air conditioner works for you?

Consider: You drive your car for several hours a week. You do biannual maintenance on it by changing the oil, changing the filters, rotating the tires, and having a mechanic look it over to ensure proper function of your car for another six months. Ideally, your mechanic catches anything that could potentially go wrong before you wind up with a breakdown on the side of the road.

You wouldn’t neglect your car. So why would you neglect your air conditioner? Your air conditioner runs roughly 15-20 minutes per cycle two to three times an hour every day!

Give Climate Experts a call and book before March 1st using the promo code ‘SPOTLIGHT’ and receive a 24-point tune up for $65! Our 24-point inspection ensures proper functioning of your equipment and can potentially catch any problems before you are caught in the middle of summer with no AC!

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