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 Spotlight Magazine Welcomes Mr. Gary S Roen as our Book Reviewest for our online publication. Mr. Roen has been doing reviews for close to forty years and is also an author of his own book”Journey” that can be purchased from, or  Spotlight Magazine is looking forward to many more book reviews from Mr. Roen in the very near future.

A Second Life

by Bob Williams

World War II novels unlike others involving war continue to fascinate readers.  Perhaps it is because at the same time there was the war with Germany history also had the Holocaust.  I am not sure why the interest continues but author Bob Williams in “A Second Life” tells a brilliantly written story of that era that is more than just a good novel.  The writing is fast paced with a tale that moves from 1943 to 1990 filled with interesting characters set against the backdrop of World War II and the Holocaust.  Books like this should be written because so many of the victims of the Holocaust and the “Greatest Generation” are no longer living to tell their first hand stories.  Williams does an incredible job of bringing to life the moments in a death camp and the lives of survivors after being liberated from the camps.  “A Second Life” is a multi layered coming of age story,  thru war, and love that is vividly told for any reader who is looking for a fast paced well written novel to enjoy.

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