Reading Tips for Parents


Rolling ReadersThis column is provided by Rolling Readers Space Coast, an organization that places volunteer readers and tutors in Brevard Elementary Schools. We will share advice to help your children become good readers and enrich their vocabulary. We all love our children and want to give them every opportunity to succeed.



As the New Year begins we all make resolutions. This year make your resolution, READ!

Parents sometimes wonder if a book is at the appropriate level for their child. If a child is frustrated when reading or is not challenged, then the activity of reading becomes a chore, not a joy.

Here is a way to choose the best book for your child for reading practice, it’s called “the 5 finger rule”. First, you need to choose a selection of books in various reading levels on subjects that your child enjoys and is excited to read. Next, have your child begin to read by starting with the cover, this includes the author and illustrator. Discuss these two professions and their importance to the book. Also, talk about the pictures on the cover to prepare for the content. Finally, as your child reads the book follow “the 5 finger rule”. Listen as your child reads the first page. If your child struggles with a word put up one finger. By the end of the first page if your have five fingers up, the book is too difficult. However, if by the end of the first page you have not fingers up, the book is too easy for your child. Now, having two or three fingers up by the end of the first page indicates that you have found an ideal book for your child for reading practice.

It is important to make reading a daily fun activity, not a chore.







The Giving Tree – Shel Sivlerstein

Bod Kitty Series – Nick Bruel

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To Volunteer: All that is required to volunteer is a love of children, love of reading and thirty minutes to one hour per week. Our volunteers come from all backgrounds. Ages range from 16 years old on up. All training/orientation is provided. Please call 321-254-9976 or email: